What I'm Loving Right Now


Ramen Noodles: Because I'm feeling not so great this evening, and I was definitely not cooking. So Ramen saved the day.

The Remote: Because Arsen is out watching the Mavs game with friends, and I have complete control. Well, hello Private Practice and Revenge. I've missed you so.
My Favorite Comfy Blanket and My Slippers: Because they are nice and cozy and make me happy.
My New Shoes From Target: Because they are oh-so-cute and I can't wait to wear them. Hello, spring!
These Adorable Gift Bags, Also From Target: Because I found them in the dollar spot and they were too cute to pass up. And when I take a bottle of wine to someone, now it will be a little bit fancier :)
This Face: Because this crazy, adorable little dog always seems to make me feel better.
This Book: Because marriage is a tricky little thing, and I'll take advice wherever I can get it. Plus, I adore Guliana and Bill, so win-win.

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