Showering Me With Loooove

In keeping with the all-things-wedding-related theme until our first anniversary on the 17th, today I'm recapping my bridal shower. My bridesmaid Amelia's younger sister took so many gorgeous photos that I thought it deserved its own post, even though a bridal shower isn't the most fascinating blogging topic.

It's pretty much a given that you'll have at least one bridal shower at some point during your engagement. Mine ended up being a really wonderful day, even though I wasn't too excited going in. I hadn't been in Texas long, so I didn't have a ton of girl friends here, and like always, most of my girls were in Oklahoma. We debated where we should have it, but finally decided Texas was a better option. I honestly was nervous that there would be like five people there. But luckily, I ended up surrounded by so many lovely ladies and I felt oh-so-loved. It was wonderful.

My best friends came down from Oklahoma and made my brand new house look as good as they possibly could. Looking back at the photos I can't believe how hideous the living room was when we first moved in. Gross. But, the decorations and everything made it look quite pretty.

Probably the best thing about getting married (aside from the everlasting love and commitment and yada yada) is allllll the gifts you get. Registering for gifts was one of my absolute favorite things about wedding planning, and receiving all the things I picked out made me SO HAPPY. Call me selfish or spoiled, but I do love getting presents. I covered my undying love for presents in this post, so it should be no surprise how much I loved my shower.

It was a beautiful shower, filled with beautiful friends and family and delicious food and so much happiness. If only there were another time in my life that I could be showered with so much love and attention. And presents.


  1. What a cute shower! I love the little pops of pink accents. That dress is also SO cute on you Celeste!

  2. Sooo beautiful! They did a wonderful job on the decor and the food looks delish too! ;) I agree that my bridal showers were some of the best days ever. All the people that love you AND they bring you presents you already picked out.. haha! Too much fun :)

  3. What a great shower!! You look adorable!

  4. this shower looks absolutely beautiful! what perfect photographs filled with lovely people, delicious food and love and laughter :)
    xo TJ

  5. Loved your pink dress! So jealous that someone actually took decent photos of your wedding festivities lol


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