How I know I'm Old

At this very moment I am sitting in my bed seething with anger. It is just after 10 pm on a Thursday night and I would love to be sleeping. Instead, I'm awake and furious because the obnoxious children next door are outside shooting off some kind of cap guns and screaming and laughing. No joke,they're having a full on war right now.

It's been going on for a full 30 minutes, and I am absolutely amazed that no one has called the cops. We live in a super quiet neighborhood in the suburbs full of young families and retired people. I know the majority of people here work a 8-5 because I see them leave every morning. How is no one else as furious as me?

I finally hopped out of bed about five minutes ago determined to go let the little brats have a piece of my crazy hormonal pregnant rage, but luckily Arsen intervened. He flipped on the lights, walked next door and said , Dude, it's late. That's loud. I guess that's all it took because the noise finally stopped. I told Arsen if they start it up again I'm calling the cops. Don't test me right now kids, don't do it.

So that's all. Just needed express my anger at some 10 year old boys (And their parents. Where the F are they?)

Goodnight friends. Please don't judge me for my anger. It's the baby's fault. Yes, my new favorite thing to do is blame every bad or mean thing I do on my poor defenseless unborn child. Please don't judge me for that either. I'm not proud of it.

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  1. LOL I don't judge you at all. If anything I judge me because I'm the same way you are WITHOUT the pregnancy hormones. I get SO mad when my neighbors have parties on Thursday nights and I wake up to someone puking in the side yard next to my window. I forget that 3 years ago, I loved to party on Thursdays, even if I had class! But cmon it's a suburb with no college nearby, move somewhere else! Anyways just letting you know I'm just as nuts.


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