I'm not one to write sappy posts about my hubs...it's just not my style. I adore him more than anything on the face of the earth, but I figure people don't really care to read about my undying love for him. Sometimes when I read blogs where girls are going on and on about their wonderful husband I want to be like, okay, we get it. He's great, blah blah. It almost seems like if you have to constantly mention how amazing someone is it makes it less special...or perhaps means that you are overcompensating for a void in your "real life" relationship.

BUT, sometimes I feel the need to give Arsen a little cyber-love. I gush about Addie and the little guy in my belly, but I don't really gush over Arsen. And sometimes I should.

 Just look at that pretty face he has!

I've been feeling super duper appreciative of him the past couple of days. When I got home from his sister's house on Sunday I walked into an amazingly clean house. Like, the entire downstairs was clean, and all of the laundry was done. When I thanked him he just said "I didn't want you to have to worry about it.". Simple as that, not looking for any recognition. He's also been wonderfully affectionate and sweet lately, and has been doing a whole lot of belly talking, which is just the cutest thing ever. Every night at some point he has a chat with "little man". So cute.

He also has scored major points lately by telling me how good I look with a belly. I think when I first starting showing it may have freaked him out just a teensy bit, but now he has totally embraced it. This morning when I was getting ready for work, hair all crazy, no make up, looking exhausted after a night of very little sleep, and wearing a too-small-for-pregnant-belly t-shirt, he gave me a big kiss and told me how beautiful I looked. Huh? I can see in that mirror in front of me, and that is not a pretty sight. But he genuinly seemed to mean it.

So simply for the fact that he is a man who knows how to make a pregnant girl feel good about herself, he deserves some love. And also, because one day not too long ago he had me look up this song you'll find right below here and said it captures exactly how he feels about me. He and I have never had a song, have never been the type to pick out mushy songs and say it's how we feel. I think that makes it all the more special to me, because I know there is something about this song that really means something to him.

So babe, if you stumble on over to the blog and happen to read this, keep up the good work. Being married to a silly, emotional girl who is growing rapidly before your eyes can't be easy, and you are handling it beautifully. I adore you, and I don't say it enough.


  1. so cute! i think pregnancy is definitely tough on the guys, but it sounds like your hubby is doing exactly what you need him to be doing and it's wonderful you're recognizing him for it! :)

  2. I love watching men become dads :) It's so nice when they notice and help during pregnancy, and then when the baby comes? Watching my husband with our little boy just kills me. It's the best. Our little girl is going to wrap him around his finger, that's for sure.


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