Shortest Weekend/Longest Post Ever

Where oh where do the weekends go? Seriously, I feel like I just got off work Friday, and now it's already time to head to bed and start it all over again. But even though it was a quick weekend, it was a good one. 

I started things off by taking a nice little walk with Addie on Friday after work. I've really been trying to do more physical activity every far it's not going to great, but at least I'm trying (kind of). I went to the doctor Friday morning for a little baby update, and it's official: I gained more in the last month than I did the entire first 20 weeks. Thankfully I'm still on track for the most part, but I definitely need to start putting in some kind of effort to not become huge. So since the weather was nice I decided a quick walk around the neighborhood would do us both some good.

Friday night Arsen and I went out for a date night. I'm hoping we can do quite a bit of that in the next few months, because I know once our little guy arrives date nights may be few and far between. We had a yummy little Mexican dinner at a new place right by our house, and then we went to the movies, which we haven't done in forever. We thought about seeing Django Unchained, but once we realized it was nearly three hours long we opted for something shorter. We decided on This Is 40, and it was actually quite hilarious. Knocked Up is one of my favorite movies ever so it was fun to see the same characters. If you like that type of flick, I definitely recommend it. 

Saturday I woke up all inspired to be super productive. I think the nesting thing is kicking in already, because I have been on an organizing kick lately. I went through all of my kitchen cabinets and re-organized them earlier this week, and Saturday I decided to tackle the pantry. We don't have a ton of pantry space, so fitting all of our food in is always a challenge. This is what I was working with. 

 After pulling every single thing out of the pantry, organizing them into groups on our kitchen counters, and then putting it all back in, this is how it looks. 

Still packed to the brim, but at least it's done in an organized fashion. I made groups for canned food, jar food, snacks, breakfast, sides, baking, teas/other drinks, and vitamins/meal replacements.  In my head it's what makes sense. Every time I've opened the pantry door since I got it all done it has given me a happy little feeling...and this is yet another way that I know I'm old. And slighly pathetic.

While I woke up inspired to organize, Arsen woke up inspired to have a real Armenian breakfast. He was craving blinchiki, which is a crepe type thing that his mom makes often. We googled a recipe and decided to give it a try. And I must say, I was impressed with the outcome. We even decided to set the table and have a little family breakfast. Hot tea, boiled eggs, blinchiki with sour cream or honey...Arsen is determined to turn me into an Armenian wife if it kills him! My mom got a picture of us in action. We look positively miserable, but it really wasn't that bad.

Saturday afternoon I went and got my first prenatal massage...umm, best thing a pregnant girl could do. After that I was so relaxed that I didn't get much else done. We rented a couple of movies and grabbed some fast food for dinner, and that was that.

Today my mom and I spent the day at Arsen's sisters house for a ladies luncheon that she hosted. January 6th is actually Armenian Christmas, so she decided to have her friends over to celebrate. Everything was put together so beautifully, and of course all of the food was delicious. My mom and I were the only ones there who didn't speak Russian or Armenian, which is always interesting, but several ladies were sweet enough to translate all of the toasts and everything for us.

I spent a lot of the day chatting with a sweet girl named Svetlana (no idea if I spelled that right). She's only been in the US for around a year, and her English is seriously incredible for that amount of time. Her husband has lived here in Texas since he was young but met her when he was visiting Armenia, so she moved here to be with him. She is pregnant and due just two days before me, so it was a lot of fun to spend some time talking with someone who is going through exactly the same thing as me.

(Side note: are those pictures of Arsen's nephew not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I'm hoping the baby resembles him in some way...)

Overall it was a really fun day. It's so funny to be sitting in a room surrounded by all of these sweet women who I would never have known if it wasn't for Arsen. It really is pretty incredible to be a part of something so different than what I'm used to. Although after more than four years I'm starting to feel pretty much at home.

So I would say this weekend was a big success. And just summing it all up has exhausted me. So now, I'm gonna sit here and watch a bit of Everybody Loves Raymond and then head to bed in about 30 minutes like the old preggo lady that I am.


  1. Nesting has already kicked in for me too! I have donated so many things to Goodwill in the last few weeks and have another load from cleaning some closets this weekend! I love it!!! Glad you have a fabulous weekend! Ps...I need to sign up for a prenatal massage...sounds amazing!!!

  2. I'm watching Everybody Loves Raymond too! It is my night show. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. my pantry drives me nuts, especially with all the canned goods we have! i used this expanding shelf for canned foods and love it. it let's you use all of your space, height included!

    Happy Nesting!! :)

  4. What a fun weekend, I love when I get productive. It's like the gift that keeps on giving!

  5. I am riiiight there with you on the nesting. I feel a little crazy. I even cleaned my baseboards last week. what??!

  6. Looks like a fun weekend! I loved going for long walked while I was pregs-it was about all I could muster!


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