Random Life Happenings...

I don't think I will be able to get my mind to slow down long enough to create much of a post, so this may be a bit random. I have been so super duper overwhelmed and busy at work the past couple of weeks that I haven't had a second to think. I wake up, head to work around 7, work until 6 or 7, come home, eat, and then work until bed most days. For some reason every single department that I work on (I work on the website for Michaels Stores) is going through an insanely busy season right now. So my mind is consumed with nothing but work.

In the midst of all of that craziness, a few fun things have happened. I'm officially at 26 weeks as of Wednesday, so little man is growing up a storm and will be here before we know it. I hope I always remember what it feels like to have him moving around in there. He's pretty active throughout the day now, and sometimes when I'm sitting at work he will kick me so hard that I gasp. It still catches me off guard from time to time when I realize there is a human growing inside of me, and those little reminders can be funny. He also has decided that around 10:30 pm or so when I decide it's time for sleep is his very most favorite time to have dance parties. The past few nights he has been bumping up against me over and over and over, nonstop, for 10 minutes or so before he settles down. One night I fell asleep while he was still going. A got to experience it one night, and he couldn't believe how powerful those little kicks can be! It's just such an amazing, crazy, fun thing to experience. Love love love.

Another completely random but yet very cool thing that happened is that A and I were in the Wall Street Journal. I was contacted through my blog email by a reporter who had stumbled upon my stories of our weddings. (For anyone who might be somewhat new here, A and I had two weddings, an American one as well as an Armenian one. You can read all about those here, here and here.) She was doing a story over people who had previously had two weddings, and wanted to know if she could interview me. Of course I said sure, so we went through that process and ended up being in the story. Our families thought it was just about the coolest thing to ever happen, so at least we made them all happy. It was definitely a fun thing to be a part of. You can check out the story here.

So basically, we're famous. I was pretty sure someone would be calling about a reality show after seeing the story, but alas, I received no calls. Ah well.

Other than that, not too much excitement going on. I'm very much looking forward to this weekend so I can think about something other than my job for awhile. You know it's bad when you're dreaming about it....I can't escape it! We have plans to hopefully find a chair for the nursery, hang the curtains, and I'm hoping I can work on some little DIY things I'd like to do for decorations.

Also, I mentioned last time that I have carpel tunnel now, and it's causing my joints to swell. At least, I'm assuming that's what is causing it. Regardless, my knuckles are now massive compared to what they normally are (maybe "massive" is a stretch) but this morning I couldn't even come close to getting my wedding ring on. My hands don't look swollen at all, just kind of weird and knobby....sexy, right? So anyway, I'm hoping that I can convince A that I need a replacement ring for the remainder of my pregnancy. Nothing fancy, even just a simple little band. I just don't like not having one now that I'm so used to it. I told him people are going to think I'm his pregnant mistress since he's still wearing his, but that didn't seem to phase him. I'll have to take another approach. I'll keep you posted on my success (or lack thereof).

So hopefully I'll return in the next couple of days with my 26 week update. I'm not making any promises, but it is a goal. Now everyone go out and enjoy your weekend....and do something fun in honor of the preggo lady who can't :)


  1. How exciting! You are famous :)
    Ha, my little girl is doing the same thing... Why do they think bedtime is their cue to kick up a storm?!

  2. Can I have your autograph? ;) That is SO cool! I wanna be published in one way or another some day.

  3. That is sooo cool!! Carpal tunnel sounds bad :( hopefully it goes down. Have a great weekend!!


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