34 Weeks

Oh my. I don't even know what to say anymore. We are so insanely close to welcoming little Baby A into this world. Less than six weeks people! And that's if I go full term! Who else is freaking out? Just me?

The 34th week was a good one, I must say. I had a wonderful baby shower, my friends came to visit, and I'm pretty sure the fact that Arsen is traveling now makes me appreciate the time I spend with him a bit more than normal. I'm still feeling pretty rough the majority of the time but I think the realization of how close I am to the finish line is helping. I definitely have my "woe is me" moments whenever I wear out after an hour of being active or when every inch of my body seems to be aching, but really....this is a pretty incredible experience. I'll take the aches and pains and annoying mood swings for the chance to carry a little tiny human inside me any day. 

Due Date

Still saying May 1st

This Week Baby A...
is almost 5 pounds! That's a full grown baby people! His fat layers are filling him out, which will help regulate his body temp when he makes his arrival. His central nervous system and lungs are continuing to develop, and if he were to make his arrival even this early he would most likely be a-ok! 

I'm developing the dreaded pregnancy insomnia I've read so much about. It takes forever for me to wind down at night, and I toss and turn until the minute I finally get up. I've just got so much on my mind, and it's impossible to get comfy, so sleep has just become something I'm experiencing less and less of these days. People keep saying I'm being prepped for what's to come...fun stuff. I've also been having some crazy intense sciatic nerve pain, super swollen feet, and shortness of breathe. 
Weight Gain
In the past two weeks I've only gained two pounds...woohoo! That's pretty freaking good in my book. Depending on the scale (mom's vs. doc's) I've either gained 28 total or 30 total. I'm gonna go with 28 :)

Sweet Baby Boy
Food Cravings/Aversions
Ugh, food. I'm so not hungry, pretty much ever. Probably because my stomach is approximately two inches large these days so the minute I take a few bites I start feeling full. I have to make myself eat dinner most nights because I'm just not hungry for anything. But I have definitely still been drinking my fluids. Best thing pregnancy has done for my body probably is keep me more hydrated than I've ever been in my life. 

Lots and lots of stuff going on in there still, and man, some of it is becoming not so comfortable. But when I think about the fact that I'm carrying around an approximately five pound, 18 inch long baby inside the stomach of a 5'2" frame, it makes sense. Of course he's going to be constantly knocking into bladder, ribs, sides, and everything else he can...he's got no room! Still so fun to feel his little feet slide up and down my right side, or see his little booty pop out right to the left of my belly button. Not so fun is when he headbutts me right in the bladder. Which he does several times a day. Almost takes my breathe away sometimes!
Covered that in my symptoms....sleep (or good sleep that is) is a thing of the past I'm afraid.
Daddy's Thoughts
Well, he's out of town at the moment so I can't ask like I normally do, but I can tell you that we have a conversation almost daily about how crazy it is that we will be parents in a few short weeks. We also have been a little more in love with each other lately (during the whole pregnancy really), and I think it's just because we know we are doing something so crazy amazing together....plus I've been having to rely on him more than normal, which probably brings us a little closer. I think overall Daddy is a pretty happy camper these days. 

Fun Moments
My baby shower! So, so fun. Seeing friends, getting so many sweet gifts...and then washing all his little clothes and blankets and putting things away. This week it all has seemed very, very real all of the sudden, and I've loved every minute. 

Looking Forward To... 
My last sonogram this upcoming Thursday. My 32 week one was supposed to be the last, but since he was so big then and I'm still measuring big she wants to take a look at him and see how we're doing. I'm wondering if he's still big what that will mean. But I can't wait to see his cute little face again! Also looking forward to the shower Arsen's sister is throwing for me! All of the Armenian ladies that are friends of his family are so sweet and have all been so welcoming and wonderful to me since I've known them. I can't wait to celebrate with them! And of course, the biggest thing of all that I think I can officially start including as something I'm looking forward to....meeting our little man! Less than six weeks to go!


  1. Baby A is coming so soon!! You're in the home stretch :)

  2. Wow...getting so close. You so beautiful!!! Enjoy these last few weeks...he will be here before you know it.

  3. Hi, new follower here :) You are seriously an adorable preggo! I'm sure you're so excited to meet your babe!!

  4. How fun that you're having another shower this weekend. We're having one this weekend with our AZ friends and then next weekend with my co-workers. It's so crazy how loved these little guys already are and they aren't even here yet. You look beautiful in your pic! Love that blue color on you friend!

  5. So So SO close my friend! I hope these last few weeks fly by and that you feel as good as is possible when you have a nearly full grown baby in there! :)


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