A Trip Back "Home"

I started this post almost a week ago...and I still have little motivation to finish it. When I'm at work I have all these grand plans to come home and knock out several posts. And then I get here....and I want to lay. Just lay and rest. But I took a fun little trip a couple weekends ago that I want to remember, so I'm gonna power through.

A couple Saturday's ago Arsen and I ventured to Tulsa for a mini-reunion/mini-baby shower with friends of mine from high school. I didn't really know what to expect going in and I was almost a little nervous about seeing so many girls that I hadn't talked to in years. But it ended up being a really fun time with so many sweet girls that I've missed.

I was lucky enough to have a lot of great friends in high school. We had kind of a random group of girls that hung out together, and it was hilarious to see that no one has changed all that much. I went to a tiny school where I graduated with something like 56 (or maybe it was 65) people, so I guess that's why so many of us that didn't have much in common became close. Our group included girls who liked to drink and party, girls who were super into church and never would consider having a sip of alcohol or doing anything "bad", girls who lived with their boyfriends, and girls like me who were somewhere in the middle. There were girls who were loud and crazy, and girls who were quieter and more reserved. But somehow we all came together into this big group of probably 10-15 girls who hung out together every day.

I really enjoyed high school...at least the friend side of things...and I'm so glad those girls and I have stayed in contact. Almost everyone has at least one kid by now, so I got a LOT of mommy advice. I learned so much about what to expect after baby...things I hadn't actually heard before (and some things that slightly traumatized me), and I really thought I had heard it all. We met up at a Mexican place in Tulsa and sat around and chatted about everything in the world for about three hours. I wish we all lived closer because I could really use a good group of girlfriends to reminisce with about "old times" every once in awhile. I also got several sweet gifts, which I appreciated so much.

It was a super quick trip, but I'm glad we went....even though that four hour drive took a lot out of me. And all I did was sit there! Unbelievable the things that exhaust a pregnant woman.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...each and every one makes my day just a little bit brighter!