Happy One Month to My Little Man!

It's hard to believe we've already known this sweet boy for an entire month. The time has just flown by, and I feel like it was just yesterday we were heading into the hospital preparing to bring him into the world. Our first month has been both wonderful and trying. I had no idea how exhausted I could possibly be, and how little sleep I could function on. But I also could never have imagined the love I could have for another human being. It is unlike anything I've ever experienced, and even though it's almost scary to love someone this much, it's the best thing I could ever imagine.

I find myself already forgetting how tiny he was when we first brought him home, and I want to try and remember every single minute, every single face, every single sound that he makes. In an effort to do that, here's my first letter to Grayson.

He wasn't the happiest camper during his photo shoot

My sweet little guy,

The first month of your life has been the best month of mine. I knew from the moment I found out you were coming into this world that I would love you, but I love you to an extreme that I never knew was possible. Every moment of life is better now that you are here, even the moments when you are screaming and crying and keeping me up for hours on end. I still would not trade that for the best moments of my life before you arrived.

Your Daddy and I have had numerous conversations since you've arrived about how much we love you, how beautiful you are, how you are the best thing ever. It's safe to say that you have both of us completely wrapped around your tiny little finger.

There are so many things that you do that make you the sweetest, smartest, most precious baby to us. One of our very favorite things that you do is the noise that you make after you sneeze (which you do a lot). It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard, and I pray that someday I'm lucky enough to get it on video before you outgrow it. To describe it is impossible, but it's a soft little coo that sounds like you are saying "Ahhh-oooohhhh". Be still my heart. Every single time you do it your Daddy and I look at each other and laugh like it's the cutest thing we've ever seen. Which it is.

You also are incredibly strong for such a little thing. Since you were in the hospital you've been holding your head up for longer amounts of time than I thought little babies were supposed to, and now you have the whole head support thing down pretty good. You will look around the room, look from side to side, lock your gaze on something and stare for a couple of minutes before your little head starts to bob. When we do tummy time you are really good at picking up your tiny head and moving it from one side to the other. And now you're starting to recognize Mommy when other people are holding you. Having you lock eyes with me and give a tiny smile is about the best thing ever. I can't wait until you really start smiling and laughing with us!

You are the noisiest sleeper I have ever heard. I had no idea a little baby could sleep so loud! Grunts and moans and laughs and squeals...it's hilarious and adorable, and can be quite exhausting since every sound you make keeps me up at night. Now you're starting to coo and make sweet little noises when you're awake. And when you cry, it's either the loudest screams ever that sound like they're going to make you gag, or it's a sweet little cry that literally sounds like you are saying "Oooh-Waaaa, Oooh-Waaa" over and over. I much prefer the cute one :)

Your Daddy always tells me I'm spoiling you because I hold you too much. During the day when you nap so well it's hard for me to just let you swing in your swing or lay in your Pack and Play. I would much rather hold you and watch all of the adorable little faces that you make. Your big, big yawns, the way you form your mouth into a tiny O shape, the big smiles that come across your face when you sleep...I hate to miss a second. And when you are having what I can only imagine is the best little baby dream ever, you smile so big all of your top gums show and you let out a little baby laugh. Precious.

You are a great eater, and it shows. You're turning into quite the little chubs! I love feeding you and having you stare deep into my eyes. It's like you're really studying me and trying to figure out what I'm all about. When you're searching for food you go after your hand or whatever is nearby by opening your mouth wide open and moving your head back and forth as fast as you can. Makes Mama laugh every time. You're well over 10 pounds now and it seems like you are getting new rolls on your legs, arms and neck every day. One of your favorite things is bath time, especially having your hair washed. It instantly puts you in to the best, most relaxed mood.  One of your least favorite things would have to be diaper changes. Almost guaranteed tears every time.

Once about 8 or 9 at night comes around you aren't the happiest little guy most nights. You've been having tummy aches that cause a lot of crying and restlessness right up until about midnight every night. But once you are asleep, you sleep in about three hour shifts, which is pretty good I think. At the moment, the best way to get you to sleep is to let you lay on my chest. I have to say, I'm not complaining. Having you close and cuddled up is just about my favorite thing in the world.

There are so many teeny tiny things that make us love and adore you as you can see. It's safe to say that you are clearly the best thing that your Daddy and I have ever done. We love you more than life itself, and we are so very glad that you are ours. Happy one month my love.


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