My Heart is in Oklahoma

Aside from a brief year spent in Los Angeles, Oklahoma was my home my entire life until I moved to the Dallas area three years ago. I know people may have their preconceived notions about Oklahoma and the people from there, but there truly is no place I would rather be from. There is just something about being from that great state that gives you a sense of pride. I've always been proud to be an Oklahoman, and when something like the May 20th tornado happens, the entire world is able to see why. 

My mother lived in Moore up until just a couple years ago, and the very worst of the tornado hit literally just a couple streets away from her previous home. I know that area well, and to see the destruction of so many familiar places is absolutely heartbreaking. We have family and friends who live right there, and thankfully every single one of them is fine. But to know that so many are not, so many people lost loved ones, lost their homes, lost everything important in their lives....I can't even imagine.

One thing about Oklahomans though, is that we are strong, and we help each other out when we see someone in need. Oklahomans have the biggest hearts, are the kindest, friendliest people, and truly love and care about one another. After living in L.A. (which I love, don't get me wrong) I developed such a huge appreciation for the kindness and friendliness that you find everywhere you look throughout the state. 

Although I love living in Texas, my heart will absolutely always belong to the great state of Oklahoma. I encourage everyone who can to donate to the rebuilding of Moore. You can visit to find out how. I can guarantee your donation will be appreciated more than you will ever know. 

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