Gavin - Four Months

Oh, my sweet, sweet Gavin. This baby boy is a pure delight. Seriously, he is such a joy in my life. Every time I see his little face I'm just overwhelmed with nothing but love and joy. He is so happy, so content - I say he is a true second child, because he is just so happy to be here, and to be included in our lives. I couldn't love this boy more.
My boy, you are where it's at, let me tell you. You make me SO HAPPY. That's really the only way to put it. The four months that you have been in my life have just been so, so good. You are the best baby in the entire world, I'm quite sure of it. My favorite thing right now is hearing your baby giggles. You have such a good laugh, and I will do just about anything to hear it. But if we're honest, nothing makes you laugh like your big brother. Man, do you like that guy!

The cutest thing in the world is watching you watch Grayson. You will stretch and bend and move every which way just to keep your eyes on him as he runs around the room. When he pays attention to you, oh my goodness. You just light up. The squeals and giggles and screams - you really can't get enough attention from him. Of course he is way rougher with you than mommy would like, but you think it's hilarious. The only time you've ever been anything less than ecstatic is a couple of times when he's yanked a toy out of your hands and you have let him know that it definitely was not cool.

My favorite, favorite thing that we do is let you "jump" on the bed together. Grayson will actually jump, and I hold you up and bounce you with him. We say "Ready....jump!" and you laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm pretty sure you are convinced that you're actually jumping with him, and it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Even though you are such a sweet and mild mannered little guy, you are super LOUD. Happy loud, but just so loud. In the mornings when you wake up you start with the cutest little baby yells and squeals, and if Grayson isn't already awake you make sure that he is before too long. You are perfectly content to lay on your play mat for the first fifteen minutes or so of your day, just yelling and stretching out. My favorite thing is the first time that you see me in the morning - you immediately give me just the biggest smile, like you are so happy that I'm there. Talk about melting mama's heart.

Your brother is a total mama's boy, which I adore, and I'm hoping that you will follow in his footsteps. But I have to admit, when Daddy gets home you get so excited. Your little face just lights up and you kick and smile and watch his every move. I tell myself that it's just because you don't see him as often and I'm old news, but you may just turn out to be a Daddy's boy. Don't tell him, but I'm kind of crossing my fingers that's not the case.

I swear you are super advanced when it comes to using your hands. You've been great at getting whatever you want for awhile now, and most of the time it goes straight to your mouth. You always go for my phone anytime I have it when I'm holding you, and you're already paying attention to food and drinks when you're in my lap and they are anywhere in the near vicinity. This month you started rolling over really well, technically when you were four months and one week. Since that day (since I'm two weeks late with this post), you are a little rolling machine! Back to tummy to back to tummy, rolling all over your mat. Every time I turn around you're the opposite of what you were a minute before. Grayson and I still think it's really funny every time you roll over. You also are attempting to crawl, I swear. You bring your knees up under you, push way up into a push up, and kind of wiggle/slide yourself forward. I'm thinking you may be an early crawler. I'm bracing myself for the chaos that comes along with that.

You aren't a big fan of being in your swing anymore, and will only stay in there for five, maybe ten minutes if you've got Sophie or another toy to chew on. We sit you in your bumbo seat pretty often, but you don't like to sit, so you try to plant your feet and and stand up, or lean way over to one side and try to slide out. It's crazy. Your favorite place to be, other than just laying on your mat (or in my arms, obviously), is in your little bouncer. Your feet are just barely starting to touch the floor, so you aren't actually bouncing yet, but you love to play with all the little toys that are on it. You really are great at using your hands, so you can entertain yourself there for quite awhile.

You are basically always happy and content, which is just about the best thing ever. The only thing you don't enjoy is being laid down if you don't want to be, or being left in one spot for too long. Also, car rides after dark are not your fave, and you will scream and cry and wail until you cough cough cough, then do it all again. Seriously, you will not stop until we are home and you are out of your seat. This has pretty much shut down going anywhere after dark, but that's alright :)

You got your first tooth at just over three and a half months, which totally blew my mind. You had been drooling like craaazy, but I just couldn't imagine that you would get a tooth so early. But you did! Even your pediatrician was surprised by that. Now you are rocking one tiny, very sharp tooth, and it is so stinking cute when you smile and it shows. I'm pretty sure another one isn't too far behind, but you handled teething so well with this first one we didn't even know it was happening until you bit my finger one day and I felt your tooth! Hoping and praying it's the same for all the rest of the teeth that you get.

You got to go to the zoo for the first time this past month, and you also had your first hotel stay on our little overnight trip to Fort Worth. You were, of course, a perfect angel, which gives me this false sense of security and confidence that I can do anything I want with you in tow. So far, so good. You are going to so many play dates and fun things with your brother, and you are alert and wide eyed for all of them now. I can see in your little eyes how badly you want to be playing with the big kids. When I hold you up and let you watch you squeal and kick your little legs like you're trying to run right along with them.

You've really spaced your eating out, to maybe once every three to four hours during the day, and usually wake up twice to eat at night. You're still taking three or four naps a day, one just about an hour or two after you wake up, another late morning/early afternoon, sometimes another mid-afternoon depending on the second one, and then your last one no later than 5:30. Then you're asleep by about eight and sleep until around 7 to 7:30 in the morning. Not too shabby! Your four month sleep regression also wasn't near as bad as what I remember with your brother. We had two pretty rough nights with SUPER early wake up times, and that was that. Seriously, have I told you how much I love you?

I think it's clear that I absolutely adore you. You light up my world, and my heart is just so full of love for you and that crazy brother of yours. Watching you grow is so much fun for me, and seeing the relationship between you and your brother develop is just the best thing I've ever experienced. I love you so much little baby.

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  1. Gavin is adorable with those big beautiful eyes! I also love the new blog look.


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