Thankful Thursday

Is thankful Thursday a thing? I'm almost positive it has to be, because there's no way something can be this catchy and not already be a thing. Anyhow, regardless of whether or not I'm the genius that created it, I thought it would be fun to focus on a few of the things that I'm super duper thankful for these days. Without further they are.

1. Podcasts

Ok, I know I keep going on and on about Mom Struggling Well, but you's just that good. And it's just SO perfect for where I'm at in my life. I listen to this daily as I'm driving around town running errands, dropping Grayson off at preschool, trying to get him to nap, whatever. I almost always have it on in the car. I'm getting dangerously close to catching up to real time, and then I'm going to have to wait for it to come out weekly and I won't lie, I'll be a little sad. But it's just so so good, so if you're a mom who struggles (let's be real, that has to be every mom), then check it out. Do it.

2. My Friends

New friends, old friends, kind-of-almost-but-not-really-yet friends - basically any kind of human that I'm connecting with right now seems to be blessing my socks off. Since I've been opening up so much and sharing so much and trying so many new things, I have just had so many sweet women who have been so good to me. After I wrote my post on insecurities in faith I had so many sweet interactions. Two of my dear friends reached out to me individually and had the most encouraging things to say - like, make me cry sweet encouraging words. My bible study ladies have been so encouraging as I stumble into this whole God thing. Online friends have been so sweet to me. Women supporting and encouraging other women is such a beautiful thing and I just love it so much.

3. My Boys
All three of those handsome fellas. The husband has been especially sweet and fun lately - and he's been traveling, which makes me appreciate him so much more, sadly. Grayson has been extra hilarious. Like, I am cracking up regularly from the crazy witty things he's saying. And Gavin is just turning into a real human and is just so stinkin sweet and adorable and he's laughing all the time now which - HELLO - baby giggles are the cutest thing on the entire planet! Gah. I could just eat em all up.

4. The Weather

This is the time of the year that it really rocks to live in Texas. Tomorrow the high is 75, and it's been nice for weeks now. I love having the windows open and Grayson being able to play in the backyard and walking out to the mailbox in my bare feet. Now, talk to me in July or August and I will swear to you that Texas is actually, literally hell on earth. But right now it's pretty great.

I could seriously go on and on - I think I'm on some kind of delirious, lack of sleep high or something, because I am feeling especially thankful right now. But speaking of that, I am NOT thankful for children deciding to keep me up all night long. Between Gavin eating and Grayson tossing and turning (in my bed, yes I know it's actually ridiculous now) and then Gavin waking up at the crack of dawn doing his happy squeals and waking us all up to join in on the party, I've been averaging between four and five hours a night. I think my body is happiest on about 13 hours of sleep a night - not that I've experienced that in roughly three years, but still.

Anyway, I hope you guys all have a long list of thankful things, too. Sometimes it's good to just sit down for a minute in the midst of all the chaos and take note of what is awesome in your life. I guarantee there's something there, no matter how rough things might be at the moment. If you wouldn't mind, I would LOVE to hear some things you're thankful for in the comments. Let me share in your happiness friends!

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  1. What a great list of things to be thankful for! I am going to look up this Mom Struggling Well on the way home today. I have a 45 minute ride ahead of me so it may just be the perfect thing for me to start. Your family is precious!


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