Gavin - Five Months

Five months in as a mommy of two, and I have to say it's just the best thing. Grayson and Gavin are really starting to enjoy each other, and I'm pretty sure every time I see them laughing together my heart is on the verge of actually bursting from the happiness of it all. Don't get me wrong, there are still the challenges of managing who gets my attention when, and a little jealousy here and there, but for the most part it has been such an amazing experience. Gavin is still a little angel baby, and I adore this kid so much!
Sweet boy, life just keeps getting better with you in it! You are so, so much fun these days, and everyone in this house just wants to eat you up.

You are a happy little baby, and our days are filled with baby giggles, which I couldn't love more. We all seem to have our own way to get some good laughs out of you, but I have to say no one makes you giggle the way that Grayson does. Honestly, it seems like the rougher he is with you, the harder you laugh. He'll practically dive on top of you and just lay there and you think it's hilarious - meanwhile I'm yelling "Grayson, get off of him!!" and Grayson is saying "But he think it's funny!". I have a feeling you're going to be one tough boy after being forced to deal with him.

You are rolling over like a champ, and diaper changes have reached the very challenging stage. There were a few days where you were up on all fours and I thought crawling might be on the horizon, but you seem to have forgotten all about that. You can sit up on your own for a few seconds, but you get distracted so easily that you quickly dive forward or to the side to grab ahold of something.

Speaking of that, you are the busiest little baby I've ever seen. You are super observant, and you want your hands on everything that catches your eye at all times. If something is close enough to you, you immediately grab it and either stuff it in your mouth or throw it on the floor. If I'm holding you and eating or drinking, you do everything in your power to get your hands on it. Seriously, if anything is within reach you MUST HAVE IT.

You are starting to get super frustrated with your limitations, I think mainly because you are constantly watching Grayson and wanting to keep up. When you watch him and his little buddies play you just fuss the whole time because you're so frustrated that you can't play. You also stare at him or at things and grunt or scream, and your little body stiffens up and your arms shake when you want his attention or to get ahold of something. I have a feeling you are going to be just as impatient as everyone else in this house, which should be super fun.

Like I mentioned, you have been going after our food like a little psycho, so I decided to go ahead and let you have some food. Grayson showed no interest in food really until like eight months, so this is all new territory for me. We gave you your first bite right at about 5 1/2 months, and you got some delicious homemade, pureed avocado. You literally were grabbing the spoon and shoving it in your mouth, so I think it's safe to say you were ready. We will be trying bananas tomorrow, so I'm betting you'll be pretty pumped about that.

I've been taking you to the church nursery during bible study and church on Sundays, and I always get an excellent report when I pick you up. They always mention how good you are, how happy you are, how you are just the sweetest baby - and I always say, yes I know, he is an absolute angel baby! Which you really, truly are. So obsessed with you.

The only time you are ever anything but perfectly happy is when you are teething, which you currently are. We're working on tooth number three over here, which is crazy! The teething messes with your regular sleeping and eating routine, so it's a bit of a challenge, but you are still happy, just a little more yell-y. Oh, you are actually yell-y all the time, but this is more frustrated/angry yelling, and your normal yelling is happy and LOUD. So, so loud. And usually happens when we're in public, causing everyone to stare. You happy-yelled allll through Target the other day for like an entire hour. We got a lot of looks and comments, let me tell you.

I am starting to think that your Papaw may be on to something when he says you're going to be ornery. You are just into everything, constantly moving, not scared to just dive right out of my lap after something - and you are always grabbing my stuff and throwing it on the floor! I swear you're doing it on purpose. You also think it's hilarious anytime Grayson does something like jump off of something or anything else slightly crazy. I may have my hands full with you, little boy.

I am so, so, so in love with you, and so is everyone else that knows you. You are the best little baby ever, and you bring me oh so much joy. I adore watching your silly little personality develop, and I am LOVING every second of watching you and Grayson become buddies. Love you so much sweet one!

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  1. Both of those boys are just precious. Three teeth already? Wow! Go Gavin! Poor Mama!


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