Thankful Thursday

I had such a fun time focusing on all I have to be thankful for last Thursday that I decided to make this a thing around here. Not sure I'll get it done every Thursday because, well - it is me that we're talking about. But that's the goal I've got in my head ;) So here's a little roundup of what's making me happy this week.
1. Cupcakes 

Or maybe I should say, sugar in general. My cousins came to visit on Monday and brought a box of six giant cupcakes for Grayson. Well, you can probably all guess how that went down. Grayson did get one little tiny sliver of one yesterday, but mama has been having herself a cupcake treat every night before bed, and it is quite magical. I'm thinking of making it an every day thing. Too much?

I've also been stocking up on the edible cookie dough I mentioned on Instagram a few weeks ago if you happen to follow me there. I literally had three jars in my fridge of all different flavors yesterday (until I finished one off), it's actually getting to be ridiculous.

This reminds me of my next thing....

2. Magical Metabolism Thanks to Baby Feeding

TMI? Probs. Do I care? Not at the moment. Must be the sugar rush from the cupcake I just ate making me feisty. When I am breastfeeding babies, I seriously have insane metabolism. I eat HORRIBLY. It's sad. But I just lose all the baby weight plus like an extra 10 pounds for good measure. Happened with Grayson, somehow miraculously happened again with Gavin. I'm probably jinxing myself right at this very second. But, much to my disappointment, my magical metabolism seems to vanish the second I stop nursing. With Grayson, he quit breastfeeding and I swear the next day I immediately gained 10 pounds. So disappointing. So I'm soaking it up while it lasts.

3. The Quiet 

I have learned two things about the children that my husband and I produce. They will be very cute (not biased, right?) and they will be very LOUD. Oh so loud. Grayson came out of the womb screaming an ear-shattering scream and kept it up for a solid two months, and he's been happy-loud (or frustrated loud) ever since. Gavin started out his life so sweet and quiet, but the older he gets, the more volume he seems to find deep within. He is SO DANG LOUD all the time now! He is almost always happy, seriously, best baby ever, but his happy sounds are hilariously loud. It is absolutely precious and I love it, but OMG when I think about what it's going to be like around here for the rest of their days - oh my. So right now I'm loving the quiet time that I get at night when they finally conk out. I'm actually basking in that quiet right now and it is oh so so so so glorious.

4. My Bible

Hahahahahaha - this one actually makes me laugh out loud (I still can't bring myself to write lol ever). But seriously, if anyone would have told me that I would have been thankful for a bible like two months ago I would have laughed in their face and told them to put the liquor down because clearly they must be drinking. But I am diving into this whole bible reading thing and I have to say - I'm actually really enjoying it. Plus I got a super pretty illustrated bible that makes it fun to look at.

5. Mama Time!

This weekend I am leaving my babies overnight for the first time EVER for Gavin and maybe the third or fourth time for Grayson, and I am going to a bachelorette party in Dallas for a sweet friend of mine. I am apprehensively excited - is that a thing?-  about the idea of a full 24 hours or so away from home. I so need some time to just be Celeste and not mommy, but I can't imagine not squishing their sweet little faces for that long. So yes, I'm super thankful for the chance to get away and super duper thankful for a hubs who is willing to watch them, but I'm a little nervous at the same time.

I'm sure I'll have a blast, let's be real.

So there you have it! I hope you have several things on your list that you're thankful for, too -  and I would love if you would share what they might be in the comments :) Have a super fabulous weekend, friends!


  1. My boys are SO LOUD also...I'm not surprised though because they were produced from 2 loud families. I just think as they get older, it will just be more fun. No one likes a quiet house all the time ;)
    I totally wrote down the name of the bible you have and plan to purchase it!!! Thanks :)
    Have a fabulous time @ the bachelorette party. A lil' mommy time is always good for the soul and for your family!

  2. Have fun and enjoy yourself! I am thankful for you introducing me to Mom Struggling Well, my mom for watching Jack while I go to the gym, nice ink pens because they make my life so much better, and hot water because it feels so good.


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