Thankful Thursday

Back again with another thankful post! I almost skipped it this week, because honestly I've had kind of a blah week and didn't want to take the time to think of anything I'm thankful for. Buuuut, that means this is probably the best week for me to do it, because I need to pause for a minute and realize all of the goodness that I have in this beautiful little life I lead. So on to the list!
1. Helpful Husbands

Well, mainly my helpful husband, although I am thankful other people also have helpful husbands. A has been sick this week, and him being out of commission just really makes me realize how much he helps me out on a day to day basis. The one day and night he was completely useless (men are so ridiculously useless when they're are sick, I meeeeaaaannnn seriously) it made dinner, bath time, bedtime, etc., so stinking difficult that I wanted to cry. It was just like when he travels, only worse. So I'm SUPER duper insanely thankful that he is above and beyond helpful on the reg.

2. Moms

Again, mainly my mom, but I am also thankful for all the good mamas in the world out there. But my mom got into town Tuesday night, and today (which is Wednesday, I write these in advance the night before because hello sleeping babies) she was here and saved my life by hanging out with Grayson while I napped with Gavin for two whole hours. Seriously, saved my life. Gavin has been doing something awesome where he either stays up way past his normal bedtime, or he wakes up to party in the middle of the night. Last night - actually, this morning - he and I got to hang out from about 1:30 until right around 3:15. And then Grayson was awake from 3:15 until after 4. Which was AWESOME. So I was so cranky and tired and over life in general this morning, and my amazing mom said "why don't you go take a nap?" So when Gavin fell asleep for his morning nap I curled up beside him in my big cozy bed and It. Was. GLORIOUS.

3. Me Time

I am so thankful that I get to get away sometimes and do my thang. And apparently by "do my thang", I mean write, read, make lists - so many super awesome, super cool things. Isn't this what hip and trendy people do with their free time? Make to do lists and blog at the local Starbucks? I think so. But anyhow, I am so thankful that when I've had an especially crappy week, as I have this very week, I can sneak out of the house and take a beat to just be alone and do me. When I say things like "do me" it makes me feel like I probably am just as cool as I think I am inside my head. Or actually it makes me realize that I'm a thirty one year old mom in the suburbs who probably should just stop.

4. Happy Kids

I don't know if I'm doing something right or if I just hit the jackpot, but man, I have some happy kids. Grayson has always lived his life in extremes, like I have said many times, and he is either the happiest kid you've ever seen in your life, or his life must literally be ending he's being so dramatically upset. Luckily, we hover on the happy side of things for the majority of the time. I absolutely love watching him live his life, because everything is SO exciting for him. Gavin is less extreme, he's more just happy as can be a good 98% of the time. I don't know what it is, but life is goooood for Gavin. He is so dang smiley, and he laughs so much at the most random things. And now that he's getting older he and Grayson are starting to laugh together all the time. Goodness. Happy kids are where it's at.

Ha! Well would you look at that? I thought I'd struggle to come up with anything and I got four just right off the top of my head. I'm telling you people, you should be doing this whole thankful thing with me. It really does brighten my day when I sit down and just take a minute to appreciate all the blessings I've got. Because life is so good, and even when it's rough, there are so many things to be grateful for. And as always, share your thankful things with me if you would!

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  1. This has been a difficult week for me. I have the "wanna scream at my whole life" thing going on. Just when I am ready to hit the reset button and put a smile back on my face something happens to set me back. I need to really take a moment and think about what I'm thankful for so here goes. 1) Jack goes to a wonderful daycare/school that while he is there I know he is cared and loved on. 2) My mom for taking Jack for the night so I could get some sleep. 3) Good books/podcasts/tv shows that help to either motivate me or to numb myself when I need a mental break.


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