What Grayson Wore - November/December

Alright, if I'm going to keep up these "What Grayson Wore" posts, I'm going to have to get up like five minutes earlier and attempt to take some decent photos before I drop him off at preschool. These are so terrible I'm almost embarrassed to post them. But I guess I gotta work with what I've got! 

We didn't get much preschool in during November and December with being sick and holiday breaks, so I'm combining the two. Maybe I'll get all the way caught up during summer break, because I am sucking at staying on top of this! Anyhow, here's what Grayson wore last winter ;) 

Shirt - Circo, found at Target
Shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - H&M
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Toms
Shirt - Hand-me-down from his cousin ;) 
Shoes - Old Navy
This is what he wore for Santa photos & his Christmas program at school :)
Shirt - Cherokee, found at Target
Shoes - Old Navy
Sweater - Children's Place
Shoes - Old Navy


  1. Grayson is seriously so stinkin cute! You always dress him so well. I love that black and white shirt. I must have missed seeing it at Target. I want to get Jack a pair of Toms but I'm worried about him getting a blister. He is between sizes and I put some Sanuk shoes on him for the first time the other day and he had a bandaid on the back of his feet when I picked him up. We have not had great luck with slip on shoes. I wish we could find a good pair as it is getting warmer.

  2. He is really very cute! Liked watching all photos. Even his outfits are very nice. My son will turn 5 next week and we are planning to host a fun party for him. Planning to reserve an event space NYC for the party but can’t decide theme yet.


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