A Little Kink in the Plans

I have really been on a roll with this whole blogging thing lately, and I've been having so much fun. So of course something had to come in and throw a little kink in all my blogging aspirations (temporarily). Our laptop cord randomly went out, and it's so dead it won't even turn on. We ordered a new one on eBay last week, and it showed up yesterday. And didn't work. So Arsen ordered ANOTHER one that he swears will be the right thing. It should be here early next week. Fingers crossed. I have my lovely iPad that I can blog from, but to be honest it's a bit challenging to type long posts on. Also, no uploading camera photos. So needless to say, until the laptop is back up and running, I may be a bit quiet. Super frustrating because I'm juuuuust getting to the point where I think people other than my mom are reading ;) So I'll be back soon with updates on all of the super exciting and fascinating things we've been up to. Which has been literally nothing but going to the movies and cleaning house. Oh, the life of a married couple. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Good luck with getting things up and running again! I do all my blogging from a slower than molasses desktop (until I can bring myself to delve into a MacBook Pro) so I know computer frustrations!!



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