Sometimes Husbands Are Helpful

A few days ago I asked Arsen if I could go shopping and buy some things for the house. This was via text message, and his response was "20 Bucks". I text back, "Heh?". As in, "Are you kidding?". He wasn't. Fun hater.

So, I was forced to get creative. I went to TJ Maxx, but couldn't find anything there really. I thought about heading over to Ross, but I was getting a bit discouraged. I was walking to my car to go home, but then I noticed that the dollar store was right next door to TJ Maxx. So I thought, why not?

I went in and started looking around and immediately found these fun, colorful baskets. I've been needing baskets for a few things around the house, but when I go to buy them I can't make myself do it. You can't really find decent baskets for less than $10 or so, and that adds up quick. So these were perfect. I picked up five.


As soon as I got home I thought of the perfect spot for one of them. Under our kitchen sink we have a gazillion cleaning products, and they're always a big jumbled mess. So I put one to use.

Much better! I've got plans to use some of the others to organize my craft stuff upstairs. But I feel like that's going to turn into a much bigger project, so I'm putting it off just a bit.

I also got a few other fun things at the good ole' dollar store. Check it out!

I got a bag of candy as well, but didn't really feel the need to take a pic. If I'm being honest, I ripped into the bag the minute I walked in and didn't even think about it until it was too late.....

But for all of the things I got my grand total was a whopping $10.83. Are you kidding me???? If I would have bought all of these things at Target or WalMart, I'd have spent, what, like 30 or 40 bucks? WHY do I not shop here more often?

So the moral of the story is my husband being greedy (smart, whatever) with our money turned into a super successful shopping trip and a lesson in shopping smarter. So thanks Arsen, ya did good.


  1. You're so right about spending 3 or 4 times that amount at another store! The dollar stores are my go-to place for baskets, bins, and containers. It's so cheap that if they break or get lost, I don't even care!

    1. Exactly! One of my baskets has a little crack and I don't even care...gotta love it!

  2. Dollar stores are singlehanded kept in business by me, I'm the only one that walks out with $20+ worth of stuff! Those baskets are super cute!

    1. I went back yesterday and spent like three dollars! That place is amazing!

  3. I so hear you on storage bins... I swear, I don't get organized because I don't have enough bins and then when I go to buy bins I don't end up buying bins because I don't want to pay whatever they're asking for them. So... yay for the dollar store!


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