A Lovely Little Weekend

Our weekend was exactly what I needed it to be. Relaxing. We decided to finally have a yard sale since our garage was slowly being taken over by random junk, so we woke up around seven on Saturday (on my day off, ugh!) to get ready for that.

Let me tell you, yard sales in Texas are intense. We were set to start at eight, and people started showing up around 7:20 as I was setting stuff out. We were completely swamped for the first couple of hours, and we ended up getting rid of probably half the junk that we had and making a nice little chunk of change.

Of course I ended up shopping my own sale and bringing a few things back in the house. I do it every time. I start thinking of uses for things and panicking about getting rid of them, so back in they come. And then they sit in a closet. And most likely will be back in the next yard sale that we have. Ah well.

The downside to this day was the fact that Texas has hit that point in the summer where it feels as if you are burning alive if you stand outside for more than thirty seconds. So I sat in a chair in the insanely hot sun and sweat for hours...maybe I lost some water weight? Gotta look for the positives here.

After a long shower and a delightful little nap, we headed to our old standby Chuy's for some Mexican food with our friend Joel. Another reason I know we are all getting old: we discussed going to the driving range (we all were too tired), going to the movies (nothing good out, might fall asleep), and going back to the house to watch a movie. Obviously a movie at the house won, and I was asleep before midnight. Perfection.

Chuy's Texas Tini. Insanely delicious.

Sunday was spent with Arsen's family celebrating his dad's 65th birthday. It's so much fun to get the whole family together, but going to a restaurant with that bunch is so chaotic. Arsen has five nephews, two who are around 12, two who are around 10. So you can imagine. I was exhausted by the time we left and went back to his parents place for birthday cake.

 Made from scratch by Arsen's sweet little Mama
Arsen's youngest nephew Haik is getting to that age (almost two) where he's coming out of his shell and is showing his adorable little personality, and of course that really helps our baby fever. I mean, look at that face! We're doomed.

Could anything be sweeter? Nope, didn't think so.

All in all, great weekend. Now I'm getting super excited because my mom is coming to stay later this week! She and I are way overdue for some girl time. Arsen is already plotting his escape for the weekend, and she and I are planning movies, shopping, late night chats, the whole shebang. Can't wait! And I know Addie can't wait to see her Nana. So here's to a good, quick week! Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!


  1. The yard sale sounds like it was a huge success! And seriously, that pic of him and Arsen on the bed is just TOO cute. And girl, movie night at home ALWAYS wins. haha


  2. Wow...I need to come set up a garage sale in Texas. It sounds like you did some good business! I'm the same way about my stuff. I'm all set to get rid of it then I question it and end up keeping things I swore I'd sell "just in case." Haha. New follower. :)

  3. oh my gosh haik is so adorable! He is not going to help your baby fever at all!!!

  4. Looks like a great time!! Love that bedding!!


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