My Stellar Golf Game

Yay, I can blog again! No, the laptop cord hasn't come in yet, but the hubby was sweet enough to bring his work laptop home so I could use it. Isn't he just so thoughtful?

So yesterday we attempted something we have never done as a couple. And it's something I really had no desire to try.

We went to the driving range.

The first (and only) time I ever attempted to actually hit a golf ball was on a date years ago. I wore jeans and wedges, because that's obviously the proper attire. Needless to say I didn't take it too seriously, and I don't think I ever made contact with the ball. So I thought I was terrible because of that experience.

But Arsen has been determined lately to learn to golf, and a friend of his actually gave him a set of clubs for free. He (the friend) is incredibly tall, so he recently got a custom made set and offered his old ones to Arsen. He called it a late wedding gift (our wedding was in September, but it was sweet nontheless).

So Arsen and I, his friend Mitch, my good friend Amelia and her manfriend David all met up at a driving range in a nearby town. I didn't have high hopes for myself, and actually planned to spend my time catching up on twitter and reading blogs. Plus, it is HOT in Texas already, so just sitting there was brutal.

David decided that I needed to attempt to at least hit the ball a few times, so he convinced me to give it a shot. And as reluctant as I was SO much fun! Who knew? And I'm not bad! David even called me a natural! Everyone was very encouraging. Not sure if it was pity support, or if I was actually decent. Eh, I'll take it either way.

So in light of these recent events, I've decided to take up the game of golf along with Arsen. So naturally, I need some gear. Here's what I'm thinking:

That should at least get me started. I need clubs too, but I didn't find any cute ones. So I guess I could just let Arsen pick those out. I'm so excited about my new hobby!

I have a feeling Arsen is going to regret getting me involved....


  1. Lol you should DIY some clubs! I can only imagine how amazing that would be to do... *Putting that on my future to do list*

    1. Woah...DIY golf clubs. I think you're on to something there!

  2. My mom always tells me I need to learn golf if I'm ever gonna be a business woman. The pink accessories might give me a push in the right direction :)

    xo Shane

    1. I'm telling you, pink accessories can motivate me to do just about anything :)


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