Love Birds

I may be a little scarce around the blogosphere for the next few days. My mom is in town visiting and I'm trying to soak up all the quality time I can without being glued to my phone/laptop/iPad.

She got here Wednesday evening, and so far we've mainly big surprise there. She's actually staying longer than originally planned, so it's nice to not have to try and cram everything we want to do into just a couple of days. Arsen is going to be traveling for work next week and will be leaving on Sunday, so she's going to stay to keep me company/protect me from strangers while he's gone. He'll be back Tuesday night, just in time to celebrate the 4th. Hopefully we can find something fun to do around Frisco since we can't leave town....working a big kid job is not cool! How are you supposed to celebrate your freedom if you have to be at work at 8 am the next day?

So I'll be back with actual posts early next week most likely. Until then I'll leave you with the cutest thing ever that we saw at PetCo today. These little birdies must be in seriously looked like they were kissing the whole time we sat there and watched them. So adorable!

Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Enjoy your Momma time!! LOVE love birds :)

  2. so much fun!! I bet you and your mom will have a blast. And from your post I am guessing you have Wednesday off? So do we and I wish I could work Wednesday and get Friday off :-)

  3. Such a sweet picture with the lovebirds. And have fun with your momma!



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