Wish List

Even though we are right in the midst of the hottest weather known to man kind, all I can think about is fall. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE. And winter isn't too bad either. Once we hit September and the temperature starts falling a few degrees, I will be the happiest girl in the world through the rest of the year.

Not only do I love fall weather, I love fall fashion. Give me a great pair of boots, a comfy sweater, and a cute scarf and I am in heaven. People look so nice and put together after months of flip flops and cargo shorts. Another thing I adore about fall is coming home from work, putting on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, and curling up next to a fire with some hot tea. Looooove.

But by far, my very most favorite thing about fall is the fact that I get to celebrate something four months in a row. Celebrating special occasions typically means time spent with people I love, and usually, good food. And for three of those four occasions, I get presents!!!!

I am a sucker for a gift. Always have been, always will be. Growing up a (superspoiled) only child, birthdays were BIG. I'm talking beautifully wrapped packages, sweet cards that could make you tear up, cake and ice cream, my favorite meal, and my parents sitting around watching me open a jillion gifts. When I got older and started picking out what I wanted I would have my mom wrap it for me even if I was with her when she bought it, just so I could have the joy of opening a present. I do the same thing with Arsen. Sorry babe.

Notice Addie's all up in my space in these photos. She loves gifts too.

So starting in September, it gets good. We celebrate our anniversary on September 17th (we made it one year!), my birthday on October 12th, Thanksgiving in November (no gifts, but family, so can't complain), and Christmas in December! Which means it's just about time to make my annual wish list for my mom and Arsen. I decided to be super savvy this year and instead of emailing them links to the items I want, I created a special Pinterest board just for the occasion. How smart am I?

I also decided something else. This year instead of asking for small things that they have to really think about like "books"" and "clothes", I'm going to narrow it down to a few nicer things. Another thing to know about me: I am NOT a label girl. I am superthrifty, and I want to get as many things for as little money as I possibly can. However, now that I'm getting up there a bit in age, and working in "the real world", I feel like I need to start investing in a few nice things. I recently made this one of my goals in my 28 in 28 post. Arsen has already let me know he's planning on taking things up a notch this year in the gift department, so it works out well. Yay for not being broke college students anymore!

So if there are any super fashionable ladies out there who or reading, do tell: what are the staples that I should have in my closet? If I'm going to invest (or if my loved ones are), I want to make sure I'm doing it right!


  1. I can't wait for Fall either. I love my black cotton jackets I wear over cute shirts.

    I LOVE getting gifts but I'm horrible at telling people what I want.

    I love your 28 by 28 list. Maybe I need to do a 30 by 30 list. Although I would rather not think about turning 30 in 6 months. HORROR!

  2. I'd say a great handbag is a must. Plus a good quality one will last forever!

  3. Michael Kors Large Hamilton bag. I promise you, it will change your life forever. Make sure Arsen buys it FROM Michael Kors so it will smell like the store. Better yet, refer him to me, I'll coach him through the process! :) I'm not a huge brand person but my MK is my prized possession and it was worth every penny.


  4. I am with ya! Love me some fall fashion! I am stocking up on colored blazers and boyfriend cardi's this season!

  5. I'm visiting from the blog hop, and I am loving your blog. I can't wait for fall either! New follower.

  6. Ooooh good call on getting the wish list going...my bday is in Sept...and then our anniversary in Nov and then Christmas! I'd agree with above, a good purse. Or a nice watch. Or nice pair of boots for fall?

  7. Oh my...here's a few ideas...and I'm not a label snob either...

    Last Christmas/birthday I got a great pair of Steve Madden riding boots. LOVE! So that would be my #1 recommendation if you don't have a decent pair yet.

    Other suggestions- a great purse...Fossil brand? They are typically browns and blacks so can be used any time of the year. Also, something gorgeous from J. Crew...like a pretty blazer that you could layer in the fall. :)

  8. You are so adorable. And completely spoiled! Lol, lucky. :) I love making wish lists too! Last Christmas my husband totally shocked me by actually getting me most of it. I can thank blogging for that one, I'd never made a list once before. :) as far as labels, I go either way, totally depends on my money at the time! I have a Prada bag, and the P fell off. Soooo, not always worth the money. ;)


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