Back to the Land of the (OSU) Cowboys

As soon as we get off work today Arsen and myself, along with little Addison Jane, will be heading to the great state of Oklahoma. This weekend is officially the first weekend of OSU football, which is a big deal in our household. I myself am (obviously) not a huge football fan, but Arsen has been counting down the days for months now.

I'm in it purely for the social aspect of things. I love going back because I get all warm and fuzzy inside remembering how amazingly fun and care-free college was, and we get to reunite with friends we haven't seen in awhile. Tailgating is a big deal in good ole' Stillwater. Actually, everything about football season is pretty big in Stillwater.


So can't wait for that.

Our first stop will be at my dad's place this evening. His birthday was actually Tuesday, so I made him a cake (from a box, don't be too impressed) and we have a special little gift for him. He has informed me, however, that the grasshopper invasion (discussed here and here) has reached an all-time high, so we've been plotting ways to get me in and out of his house without being attacked. His latest idea was to wrap me in a sheet and then for me to run inside....we'll see how that goes. He actually said that they will jump on you and bite you, and that there are literally thousands of them. Apparently it sounds like your car is being hailed on when you drive down his driveway, which sounds like my worst nightmare. I want to cry just thinking about it.

The rest of the weekend will be spent seeing other family, tailgating, and hopefully relaxing. Friday night we are eating at our favorite restaurant of all time, Tokyo Pot, in Stillwater. It's a shabu shabu place, and if you've never tried shabu shabu, do it immediately. You cook your own meat in a boiling pot of flavored broth on your table, and eat it with rice and veggies, and it is like heaven in your mouth. I'm drooling a little thinking about it.

So this will most likely be my last post for the long weekend....I am going to soak up every minute of free time that I have until next Tuesday. Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!!!


  1. Have fun!! I think the sheet idea your Dad has should work, just try not to think about it! I love how big football is for everyone BUT California, so jealous! Also I've never have shabu shabu, that is something I'll have to try!!!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. grasshoppers pelting your car like hail??? ohhh HAIL no... I would just live in the car while you're there for the weekend and have people come out to the carport to visit you.

  3. Yay for football season!!! Have fun and be safe! Ohhh and I'm thinking it's about time for me to get some more "Celeste" time again!!! ;)



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