36 Weeks

I've officially made it to the LAST month of pregnancy! In some ways I feel like this whole pregnancy has flown by, and in others it seems like it has been dragging on and on and on....

When all is said and done, I think I'll be able to say that I have had a really wonderful experience overall. Of course this last few weeks has been a challenge, just because of the sheer exhaustion and the achey body, but other than that I have had a super easy go of it. And I know the few weeks of blah will be well worth it once our little one has made his arrival.

I'm somewhat hopeful that this is the last update you'll see from me....I would looooove to have this little guy in the next week or two. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but still. I suppose only time will tell!

Wowza swollen face!

Due Date

Still saying May 1st

This Week Baby A...
is over 6 pounds! Most of his systems are ready to go, although digestion doesn't technically start until his first meal on the outside. Most of his bones and cartilage are still soft to allow for an easier delivery (thankfully). We're getting so close!

Oh, the swelling. So much swelling. My feet are UNREAL people. By the end of the day they are seriously unrecognizable. It's like I'm looking at a strangers legs. Also, the aches and pains are just absurd. I feel like an 80 year old woman walking around. The bottoms of my feet...I can't even explain it. Other than things hurting, I'm not having too much going on. I got my appetite back...which means the weight gain will likely start again, unfortunately. And I'm oh-so-tired, all the time. Thank heavens we are SO very close now. 
Weight Gain
Last doctor's visit I was at 31 total. I'm hoping I don't pass 35...but come on. That seems pretty unrealistic at this point. One lesson learned during pregnancy numero uno: working out literally twice the ENTIRE pregnancy? Not the best way to keep the weight gain down.

Little Man :)
Food Cravings/Aversions
Sweets, sweets and more sweets. I bought Easter candy on clearance, begged Arsen to pleasepleaseplease go get me brownie mix this weekend, and I'm still eating absurd amounts of cereal. Also, been eating lots of chicken nuggets and french fries. 

He's moving around less than he was, but when he does it is intense! The doctor said he's getting into sleeping patterns now, so I'll be feeling him moving less frequently. As long as it's 8 times at least twice a day (I think?) we are good. And I feel him way more than that. Also, if I poke on my belly it generally gets a reaction out of him. It is so crazy to me that I can tell exactly what is where....pointy little feet, his round little booty. So crazy!
Blah. I think if I could get comfortable I would be just fine. I don't have a ton on my mind keeping me up like you might think. I just can't find a comfy position so I toss and turn. 
Daddy's Thoughts
He's getting sosososo excited, and it's so super cute. He IS hoping he holds off his arrival until at least next week though. He's got a super busy week at work and he's afraid if I went into labor this week he would have to work the whole time we're at the hospital. And let me tell you...that would NOT make this mama happy!

Fun Moments
I got a surprise baby shower at work on Friday, which was so unexpected and so very sweet of my co-workers. I also had my Armenian baby shower yesterday which was as much fun as I expected it to be. Last Thursday we had my 36 week check up with my doc, and when she checked everything out we found out that I'm dilated a centimeter! She said that doesn't mean he's coming soon, but it does mean that we are on our way. Whew! Even though I know it could still be weeks it was still exciting!

Looking Forward To... 
Our check up this Thursday. Hoping we get news that means he will be here soon! Also, I am SO relieved that all of the showers and craziness are over. As much as I loved every minute of them, now I can get everything organized and set up and DONE. The house feels so unorganized right now...I'm just ready to be completely ready for our little man's arrival!


  1. Augh I bought Easter candy on clearance too...and have literally eaten it all by myself. And at this exact moment, I feel like I'm going to die if Cody doesn't go get me an Oreo blizzard. I hope we get to meet your little man soon!

  2. So excitingggg! It's fun when you can start to see the finish line.

  3. I can't believe your little one is almost here! I'm so excited for you C!!! :)

  4. Your little one is almost here :) That is so exciting! PS love the baby bump you look adorable..


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