38 Weeks

Well, here we are. 38 Weeks. In my last update I said hopefully we wouldn't be doing this 38 week post, but oh well :) He's obviously not done cooking in there, so he can stay as long as he would like....although I'm more than ready for him to be here in the outside world with me!

Due Date

May 1st...but finding out Tuesday if I'll be induced before that

This Week Baby A...
is just getting bigger and bigger. According to Baby Center he's 6.8 pounds and over 19 1/2 inches long....but at our 35 week sonogram they were saying he was well over 6 pounds, so we shall see on Tuesday how big he really is. He has a firm grasp and his organs have matured and are all ready for life on the outside. Sounds like he's pretty much ready to go! 

Nothing new really. Some swelling, some soreness, some indigestion...same old thing! 
Weight Gain
At my appointment last week I was up 33. But this week I have gone alllllll out on the splurging, so we'll see this week what kind of damage I've done.

Baby Boy
Food Cravings/Aversions
OMG I have seriously eaten so poorly this last week or two. The snow cone stands in town finally opened up and I have had to try and stop myself from getting one every single day....I've been semi-successful. I also made brownies, have been eating coco puffs non-stop, got chocolate pie at lunch today, made waffles for dinner....it is really unbelievable. I think I know that in just a couple short weeks I'm gonna have to start thinking about losing the weight, so I'm really letting myself go nuts for the last little bit. Let's hope I don't regret it! 

Definitely moving less often, but when he does move it feels like....well, like there's a full grown baby in my belly. I love it. I think this will be the number one thing I miss about pregnancy, just feeling him move around inside me. 
It's been better this week. I'm not sure if the exhaustion just finally caught up with me or if I got used to my size haha....but I have been having pretty good like 4-5 hour stretches of sleep. It's been amaaaazing.
Daddy's Thoughts
He's been having many heart-to-hearts with little man about the fact that we are ready for him to come out and see us. I think he's almost as ready as I am for him to finally be here. We neither one are really all that patient unfortunately....

Fun Moments
Well, I've pretty much finished up every single thing on my to-do list, so I've spent a lot of time relaxing. Normally I'm not big on laying around doing nothing, but lately....lately it feels pretty nice, I must say. We've got his nursery all ready to go (other than putting his name up on the wall, Arsen just won't give in on that), got the hospital bags all packed, carseat is installed, birth plan and playlist ready to go....now it's just a waiting game. Come on Baby A, we're ready!

Looking Forward To... 
Meeting our little one. That's pretty much all I can think about. Seriously. All day, every day, I'm waiting waiting waiting to see his cute little face. I'm excited to go in on Tuesday and see him on the sonogram and find out what the plan is. As much as I don't want to be induced, I'm just ready for something to happen. So we shall see!


  1. I cant wait to hear if youll get induced or not! I cant wait to hear his name!

  2. I am so ready to hear his little name! You both will be wonderful parents.. I hope you get to be induced soon so you can welcome little man to the world :)


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