That One Time I Was in a Music Video (and didn't know it)

So I'm going to give you all a glimpse into the life of Celeste many, many moons ago. I've talked before about the fact that I lived in L.A. and wanted to be an actress, but I don't think I've ever mentioned the horror movie that I was in.

After I moved back to Oklahoma I continued acting when I could. I went on auditions whenever they were available, and I actually ended up getting a part as one of the main characters in a feature length horror film that was filmed in Tulsa. It was actually a super fun experience that took several months of filming and resulted in a film that actually got distribution (you could even order it on Netflix at one point) and had a "premiere". I am a pro at downplaying anything important that happens in my life but it was actually something that I know I'll look back on and be glad that I did...even if it didn't exactly lead to fame and fortune ;)

A little while ago one of the guys who was in the film that I'm still friends with on Facebook posted a link to a music video that I had absolutely no idea existed. A local band had several songs in the movie, and apparently someone made a music video for one of them. And that is how I discovered I'm in a music video that I knew nothing about.

For a long time I tried to hide all of the "acting" I had done from people, and would never, ever consider mentioning it on my blog...but the older I get the more I see it as an incredibly fun and slightly hilarious period in my life. So why not?

What's really fun is to watch this video of myself in a tiny bikini as I sit on the couch superduper's wonderful for the self esteem, I tell you. Motivation to lose the baby weight, perhaps? I'll take it.

Oh, by the way....sometimes it's hard to distinguish which blonde I am. I will tell you this much: I'm not the one running around in my bra.


  1. That's so fun and cool! You can show your little one this one day.

  2. That is awesome you acted! I have always wanted to do that and SO cool that the movie you were in was on Netflix! That's famous to me! And the music video, SO AWESOME! :)


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