Oh, Procrastination....

So, today I'm officially in my 37th week of pregnancy, which means I am full term and Baby A could make his arrival pretty much any day now. You would think I would have everything done and ready to go since I am an obsessive planner and usually have everything done waaaay ahead of time. But no. Not at all. My house is a bit of a disaster, we still have some important things to buy, I don't have my hospital bags packed, can't decide on a going home outfit for little man....it's a bit ridiculous.

But for some reason I'm having trouble getting the motivation to get it all done. I will do the most random, uncalled for things, like deciding to scrub my shower from top to bottom, instead of the things that MUST be done before he gets here. I don't know what my deal is. It's so bizarre.

I think I have an idea of why it's been so hard for me to find the energy and motivation to get things done, and it has a little something to do with this photo that I took of one of my pregnancy apps yesterday.

Yeah. A watermelon. No wonder I am so freaking sore and exhausted at all times. Unbelievable.

So basically, I need to somehow find a way to get up and get some things done. Today, however, is not making it very easy. I'm working from home and it's cold and rainy and completely blah outside. I have a feeling I will sit on my couch and work until Arsen gets home, and then most likely do about three productive things before crashing on the couch again. Oh well. Anyone that's hauling a watermelon sized baby around in their uterus deserves to be insanely lazy in my opinion. 


  1. If it makes you feel any better, we put the bassinet together the morning I went in to have my c-section. Then he hated the thing and never slept in it.

  2. Girl your body is working hard and you should never feel guilty about giving yourself a break! (Now I need to take my own advice!)

  3. Good luck sweet girl! & congrats little man will be here so very soon :)

  4. Lol totally a good reason to be lazy and just relax! Geeeez a watermelon...

  5. Totally with ya...I've got a to-do list the length of the fridge, but I can not muster the energy to do anything. That dang watermelon is pretty heavy though! I just keep thinking I've got time, but really...I don't :D


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