Oops :)

So Arsen has informed me that my blog posts lately have been a whole lot of complaining about being pregnant. He said it in a very funny and cute way so as not to offend the angry pregnant woman, but he got the point across. My bad, friends.

I can tell the last few weeks that I've reached that point where things aren't so lovely and I'll be doing a whole lot of telling it like it is, so I'll try to spare you guys the torture. Needless to say things may be a bit quite around these parts until Baby A decides to make his entrance ;)

I'm 38 weeks today, so if my doc hadn't already mentioned inducing I could potentially be looking at another month...which blows my freaking mind. I can't fathom another month of this, so I'm starting to be thankful she brought up inducing even though I wanted to avoid it.

I was talking to one of my best friends yesterday, and we ventured onto a topic that we do pretty often when she and I chat....the best show of all time, Friends. We were obsessed with the show all through middle school/high school/college, and literally compare almost everything that happens to something that happened on an episode. There's a whole lot of "Ha, remember that episode of Friends where....".

Yesterday when we were chatting about my misery and she was remembering the last few weeks of her pregnancy with her daughter, she said "It's like that episode of Friends where Rachel is like 'Get out, get out, get out!'".

Umm, yes. That's exactly what it's like. So today I decided to hop on over to YouTube to watch that scene, and some genius has put together a compilation of the funniest moments of the episode The One Where Rachel is Late. I must say, it's been hilarious the hundred times I've seen it in the past, and it's even more so now that I can relate to everysinglething that happens. Although I have to ask, what real life pregnant woman looks as beautiful and stunning and slim as Jennifer Aniston when she's 8 days past due? No one, that's who.

Of course, just to anger me further, for some reason it won't allow me to embed the video here. But venture over to YouTube and check it out. Hopefully the link above works for you, because it is over 8 minutes of pure hilarity.

 And do tell, when you were in your final weeks, did you get to a point where you felt this desperate to get them OUT? I'm hoping I'm not alone here.


  1. I was 37 weeks in 90 degree heat & totally miserable. The heat ended up pushing me over the edge and spiked my blood pressure, which meant that they induced me. The process of inducing wasn't that bad & I actually had a "quick", drug free delivery. I was so happy to finally have her out! I'm sure my husband thought that I was miserable too, he just knew better than to say anything!

  2. I read this and immediately thought of this. Enjoy :)


  3. I can't even tell you how much I love this post! I am a Friends addict and also compare everything to the show and quote it more than is probably appropriate! I watched that episode probably 5 times in the last couple weeks of pregnancy...no joke! AND, get this, the episode with the Holiday Armadillo was actually playing in my hospital room when Kenley was born. It was an excellent distraction in between pushes. :)


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