Bouncing Back After Baby

I'm still suffering from some major writer's block lately, so a few days ago I decided to go through the random drafts that I have saved and see if there was anything in there to inspire something. I saw this "Bouncing Back After Baby" post that I started a few months ago, and after I stopped laughing, I decided to go with it.

When I decided to write about this particular topic, I had the mindset that I would be working out, eating right, and basically doing everything possible to try and get back to where I was pre-baby. Now, more than four months after G's arrival, I've come to a realization. I am not a work out, eat right, be disciplined kind of girl. Honestly, I'm scared to even begin working out because I heard it affects your milk supply, and I'm doing everything in my power to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months. And the healthy eating? I do for the most part, but I also eat an absurd amount of cookies, sno cones, candy, etc.

But, I am currently a few pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant (what the what?!), so I do have a few suggestions for you based on what's worked for me.

1. Forget to eat a lot. 
Don't worry so much about this one, the baby really takes care of it for you. Your life will be so full of feedings and diaper changes and trying to keep a little baby entertained and not crying that you will look at the clock and realize it's 3 pm and all you've had to eat is a PB&J six hours ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm hungry a lot, and I try to eat consistently, more so for feeding Grayson purposes than anything else. But in reality, there are so many things to keep you busy that sometimes eating is just the last priority in your day.

2. Have a fussy, particular baby. 
Thanks to Grayson, my thighs look better than they have in probably 8 years. This is because my little angel baby can only be calmed down and put to sleep in a very specific manner. First, I must turn him on his side, snuggle him up tight in my arms, pop his pacifier in, put my face against his, and sing, shush, or hum. Then, I proceed to do hundreds of deep lunges until he finally calms down and/or passes out. I literally probably do a thousand deep lunges every day. Sometimes I switch it up and do side lunges, but generally it's just your regular old deep lunge. Thanks baby G, mama's thighs and daddy appreciate your pickiness.

3. Don't sit down.  
There for awhile, I spent a lot of my day sitting on the couch. Grayson slept a lot, and he slept best in my arms. So naturally, I spent hours each day watching HGTV or Pretty Little Liars while he napped. However, now my little love takes just a few short naps each day, and the remainder of the time it's up to me to keep him entertained. He's not really a sit on the couch and chill kind of baby. We walk around, we go outside, we play on the floor, we play in the Pack N Play (me standing up beside it, obviously), I wear him around and do housework....and when he does finally sleep, or spend some time in his bouncy seat or his swing, that's when I have to do the dishes, make the bed, clean the house, work on projects. So yeah. Just don't sit down. Like, ever.

4. Breastfeed a hungry baby
Grayson has been a champion eater from day one. I'm pretty sure anything and everything that I put into my body is immediately sucked out at his next feeding. I know breastfeeding is supposed to burn like 500 calories a day or something crazy, but I'm pretty sure he burns, like, all of mine. I'm kind of afraid the minute I stop breastfeeding I'm going to gain 20 pounds.

So that's what has worked for me. Simple enough, yeah? In all honesty, I do try to take good care of myself since I'm responsible for the nourishment of a sweet little baby, so my meals are usually healthy and balanced, I take my vitamins, and drink lots of water. But I guarantee all of the energy spent taking care of that little man is better than any workout plan I could possibly come up with.


  1. See if they have any fit4mom classes in your area. It's been the best thing ever for me...Elliott eh he could do without but only bc he decided he hated the car seat not to long ago. I'm not a work out on my own kind of person, but these classes are great and you bring your baby along. It hasn't affected my milk supply either bc it's a mix of cardio and muscle building. I'm with ya on the it's 3PM and all I've had is a pb&j. I've started buying easier/quicker things for me to eat one handed. Tyson chicken makes some decent pre made grilled chicken so I usually throw it on some lettuce and tomato and make it a wrap.

  2. LOL the lunges thing had me cracking up. I already thought about the fact I might be skinnier after a baby since I wouldn't have been drinking for 9 months ;) haha all that wine I drink right now... all calories!


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