I Believe...

In being kind to everyone. I truly do not see the need for all the cruelty in our world. I don't understand bullies. I don't understand how anyone can intentionally put someone down, hurt someone's feelings, treat someone poorly...I just don't get it. It breaks my heart, and I hope that one thing everyone who knows me can agree on is that I am a kind person.

In forgiving....and forgetting (even though it's much harder). Something I've learned in life is that holding onto grudges really does nothing but weigh you down and keep you trapped in the past. The person you are harboring this negativity toward most likely doesn't even have a clue. It always hurts you more than it could ever hurt them to hold onto those feelings. Even though sometimes I struggle with this, it's also something I always strive for.

In equality for ALL people. Prejudice of any sort just really gets under my skin. I honestly believe that, at our very core, we are all the same: black, white, gay, straight, American, European, whatever. I literally could not care less about any of that. If you are a good, kind person, I like you. I believe everyone should be treated fairly, everyone should be afforded the same rights, and everyone should just get along. Some of the people who mean the most to me in this world could not be more different than me, and it absolutely breaks my heart that they might be judged just for being who they are, or that some people might think that because we are different we shouldn't be close.

That animals are the best thing in the world, and everyone should have a special one (or five) in their life. I don't know what I would do without my Addie Jane. Since she came into my life almost four years ago she has turned my world upside down, in so many (mostly) positive ways. I never had a "real" pet before Addie, and since the moment I fell in love with her, I've fallen in love with all animals. I'm now one of those people that cries at the ASPCA commercials and wants to adopt every at risk dog or cat that I see. I just had no idea how "human" pets could be, how their little personalities shine through, how they become such a huge part of your life, and of your family. I would have a million pets, if only that mean husband of mine would allow it.

In embracing the curves that life throws you. Life is a funny thing, and you never know what's going to happen. It's easy to dwell on the negative, to see new challenges as something too tough to handle, and to feel as if you're a bit lost sometimes. But every time in my life that I've faced a major change, either by my own choice or not, something great has come out of it. In the moment sometimes you can't see it, but later on you see why it all happened.

That everything happens for a reason. This is a weird one for me, because I have a strange outlook on my thoughts on God and faith and all of that. I'm quite sure I believe in God, although I'm not sure I think He's necessarily what most Christian people think he is. I'm pretty sure I believe that He's up there (wherever that really is) watching over us and protecting us and whatnot. In all honesty, my feelings on the whole God/church/faith thing are a little...scattered? Shaky? Regardless of all of that, I do somehow believe that everything does happen for a reason. The positive, the negative, everything.

In chasing your dreams. I think that everyone should be brave enough to go after what they really want in life. I mean, as far as we know, we only get one of these things, so we might as well make it count. That's why I moved to LA when I was 20 and wanted to be an actress, and why I eventually moved back so that I could live out my "college life" dream. Now that I'm a wife and a mom, I'm trying to figure out what my new dream is, but I promise you when I figure that out, I will definitely be chasing it for all it's worth.

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