5 Months.

Well, here we are again. Another month of life for this little man of mine, and it's still blowing my mind how quickly it's passing. This last month has probably been my favorite month with him so far...but I'm pretty sure I'll say that each and every month. Life just keeps getting better and better, and I swear I fall even more head over heels for him every day.


You are 5 months old today, and mama could cry happy/sad tears. You are growing up so fast, and I love every single minute of it, but it feels like I'm going to blink and be sitting at your high school graduation. Even though I am loving this age, please, please slow down baby boy!

This last month that we've spent together has been absolutely wonderful. Our tearful, stressful times are practically non-existent these days, and even when they do show back up I feel like we both handle them so much better now. Anytime you start throwing one of your eardrum shattering fits I can generally get you calmed down in just a couple of minutes. Man, what an improvement! I feel like the two of us are getting to know each other more every day, and it's making life so much easier.

Your little personality is showing itself more and more all the time, and you're such a funny little baby. You're still really serious and studious, but you are such a cheerful little thing most of the time. Things that are guaranteed to make you smile super big: seeing your daddy when he comes downstairs when he's working, Addie showing you the slightest bit of attention, counting (for some reason the number three makes you smile every. single. time.), and a full belly.

You've been babbling your baby talk for quite some time now, but you've recently started something that makes my heart melt. When you start to get sleepy your voice will go kind of soft and high pitched, and you start quietly talking/singing to yourself. A couple of days ago when we were driving around you started doing this until you passed right out...it was like you sang yourself to sleep. So precious.

Just within the past couple of days you've started doing a couple of new things that have really impressed your daddy and me. We started trying to get you to sit up on your own a couple of weeks ago, and you could hang for maybe two seconds before toppling over. You've gotten better and better, every day, but since about two days ago you have become a pro! You don't sit yourself up yet, but once we get you there you just sit there forever. When I gave you a bath yesterday morning you sat up almost the entire time. Man, that makes life easier! You also have been rolling over immediately anytime I lay you on your back the past couple of days and pushing up into a push up position, then looking around. This makes diaper changes a bit of a challenge. It's funny how quickly things change from day to day around here.

You've also started giving some seriously good hugs. I'm pretty sure they aren't intentional, but I adore them. You also love to grab me by the hair or the ears, pull by face up to yours, and put your mouth on whatever you can. My eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth have been getting some great, slobbery kisses lately! Another funny new thing you've done a lot of lately is fake coughing/laughing, and this silly little grunt where you shoot your arms out to the side, close your eyes, and squeal/grunt really loud. You do this both when you're mad and when you're happy. The tone just changes a bit.

At the moment your favorite things are: bath time (you loooove baths), morning walks, Sophie the Giraffe, chewing on anything (but especially hands and fingers), Addie, sitting outside, and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". You still hate having your clothes changed, and eating has been making you mad the past few days. You want food immediately, and if it doesn't happen you are furious. This makes me nervous about your patience later in life.

I keep thinking things can't get much better, but you constantly prove me wrong. Even though every day is so very similar, each one is exciting because I never know what to expect from you. You are a beautiful, smart, silly, sweet, loud, precious little baby, and you make me so proud to be your mama. I love you more than you'll ever know.



  1. Ahhh....I love this! Good job Grayson for sitting up! Such a big boy!! Sounds like many of the other things Turner is doing right now also. Do you have Grayson on solids? Happy 5 months lil' man!

  2. I have also loved each month more than the month before. They get more fun with each month.


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