It's (almost) Fall, Y'all!

I cannot express to you how much I truly adore fall. It's my favorite season by far, and I am so incredibly excited that it's almost here! The great tragedy of my life is that I grew up in Oklahoma and now live in Texas, neither of which get much of a fall season. It will remain HOT, probably in the mid-high 90s for at least another month. Once we get into October it starts barely cooling down. October-November are really my only chance to enjoy the fall season that I love oh-so-much, and it usually is only a few weeks of glorious fall weather before we hit just cold. But, oh how I plan to soak up those few weeks I do get!

I'm not sure what I love most about fall. The clothes? The crisp, cool air? The anticipation of the holiday season? It's all wonderful. I know I sound slightly cheesy and absurdly euphoric right now, but I'm not kidding when I tell you I've been getting butterflies anytime I think about the fact that this demon season we call summer is almost over.

I can't wait to put on jeans, boots, a sweater, and a scarf, and step outside into something other than pure misery and suffocation. I can't wait to make chili and stew and hot chocolate and curl up by a fire. I can't wait to put Grayson in cute little jeans and sweaters and not worry about him sweating buckets anytime we step out of the house. I can't wait to head back to that glorious land of Stillwater, America for OSU's Homecoming in October. I can barely handle the anticipation!

So as you can see I'm a bit excited (understatement of the year). I'm so super incredibly ridiculously jealous of all of you who get to start enjoying my favorite season without me in the next few weeks. I dream of someday living somewhere that I will actually get to enjoy all four seasons instead of WINTER, three weeks of spring, SUMMER, three weeks of fall, WINTER, etc. I've decided I will require two homes: one on a beach, one somewhere in New England, perhaps? I've honestly never even been that far North, but I imagine that it's just amazing. Please don't kill my dreams and tell me otherwise, mmk?

Happy Tuesday (that feels like a Monday)!!!


  1. I love fall oh so much! And the cold in general but I think global warming or whatever is starting to ruin the seasons for everybody! You'd be jealous of our morning here today though, 65 degrees when I left for work :)

  2. I think every blog loves fall!!! MN looks like that during the can come live here :) I can't wait for is my, halloween, colors, wedding anniversary, so much fun stuff!!!!


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