If You Read This, I Apologize.

Happy Monday all you beautiful people! I have been sitting here staring at my computer screen for a solid five minutes trying to come up with something interesting or fun or fascinating to tell you today…and I got nothin'.

I suppose I could tell you about my weekend. Alright, if you insist.

So A got home from several days spent in another state for work late Thursday. Then I spent alllll day Friday writing like a mad-woman in my sweatpants…working from home with a baby who wants to be thisclose to you at all times is a bit of a challenge. My wonderful mom is here to help me out and was watching him, but he's a bit needy, that one. About 4 hours worth of work literally took me from 9:30 until almost 5. A and I planned on having a date night Friday night, but we both decided we would rather eat pizza and stay in our sweats and go to bed at like 9. It was great.

Saturday we got up and looked at a billion houses while we had SIX showings on our house. We found a house that I seriously thought was 'THE ONE". I kept dancing around and pouting and stomping my feet and saying "Wah, I want this house!". It was charming, I'm sure. We said Ok, someone has to put in an offer on our house like NOW, and then we'll offer on this and it will be ours and it will be glorious and wonderful and amazing and yaaaayyyy! And then we stopped at a gas station in between houses about thirty minutes later and our realtor came inside and told me that the house we wanted had multiple offers on it.

And then I threw myself on the floor of the Quick Trip and cried.

Just kidding. But I wanted to.

So we kept looking at houses and I was sad and negative and A and I bickered like the entire day…my mom had a blast with us, let me tell you. And A said never ever will we again sell a house because his wife is straight up cray and he can't deal. Not in so many words, but that's what he meant. So we just went to have mexican food at Chuy's (duh) and I had myself a Texas Martini and somehow my troubles just seemed to slip away….tequila is magic, I'm pretty sure.

So then Sunday we showed our house three more times and we went and ate more mexican food and I had mimosas and this whole process might just turn me into an alcoholic…kidding again! But really…small amounts of alcohol do wonders for stress relief. And then A got on a plane and left us again, which is sad for me, but he loves his job and gets to sit on a plane watching movies for almost three hours twice a week, and sleep in a king size bed by himself four nights a week, so I'm happy for him. Meanwhile I get to sleep in a king size bed with a dog stuck to my left side and a baby stuck to my right side and about six feet of empty space that no one seems to want to use.

So now it's Monday. And this is literally the most rambling, random blog post of my entire life. But welcome inside my brain at the moment, this is what you will find. I hope this week brings lots of exciting news for my little family, and I hope it brings you whatever it is that your little heart desires.

If you made it to the end of this post, you're a champ. Here, I'll reward you with cute Instagram pictures of my baby, dog and husband. You're welcome.


  1. I think there should be a room in the house of every woman that is the "tantrum" room- It would be sound proof. We can just walk in it, shut the door and throw a fit for a moment, before we resume being a grown up. - Why should toddlers have the monopoly on the tantrum. :)

  2. I'm here for ya! I feel your painnnnnn! I had stopped thinking "oh my gosh THAT is the house..." and was more like "whatever, I'm just ready for a house!" It will all workout :) I promise!

  3. And I was dying laughing because I was the same way...dramatic and cray....Chris and Arsen need to get together and ramble about their luney wives LOL!

  4. I made it to the end! I understand wanting something so badly and I really hope y'all get it. I get jealous of my husband and his time away from the house. He says he does enjoy his break away from the stress of the house. Although he may be at work he is still getting sort of a break from real life. Being a single parent at times can be really difficult. Props to you.

  5. When we moved in to our house, I told B. WE ARE NEVER SELLING! I can't take the stress! My liver can't handle the abuse! We put an offer on a home that we loved more than anything, but they excepted an offer that came in a few minutes before ours!!!! AGHHHH!!!! and to top it off, the new owners of our perfect home RENTED IT OUT!


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