I'm Still Here!

I haven't abandoned the blog world altogether, I swear. Just A LOT going on in my little world at the moment. The house search thing is about to blow my freaking mind…we have now put an offer on three homes, and not gotten a single one of them. I'm telling you, the market around here is NUTS.

So basically my days consist of taking care of Grayson, working a little on my writing gig, looking online for new houses to pop up on the market, and going to look at houses when A gets done working for the day. That's it, that's all, there's nothing else in my life right now. But there is about to be a loooooot of packing thrown into the mix, because it looks like our house is sold! So to say that blogging has been a bit of an afterthought is an understatement.

I love you all dearly and absolutely love blogging, but right now it's just going to have to take a backseat :( My poor little brain simply can't come up with anything fun or creative that isn't house-related. So until we find something and have it under contract, I'm making no promises for anything too exciting around here.

So pleasepleaseplease wish us luck! We have a fourth offer in and I am hoping and praying and crossing my fingers and toes that this is the one. Unfortunately I just found out today that my absolute dream home went with another offer, so this one really needs to work out or I might just lose it. The good news is this one is apparently A 's dream home, and I really love it, too. I'm just still pretty devastated about losing out on the other one.

So Happy Friday! I miss you all and hope to be back full force soon!

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  1. I hope everything goes quickly because I will miss you blogging!!! You look Gorg in that photo of you & G. Are you loving the brown hair?!? Also...how many teeth does he have? Turner has yet to get one.

  2. Glad to hear you haven't fallen off the face of the Earth! I hope all goes well with this new offer. Moving is so much fun but a lot of stress at the same time. Just couldn't imagine.

  3. I am so happy to hear your break is due to house chaos and not my super frickin' weird dream! LOL! I thought maybe I scared you away from every blogging again! So exciting your house has sold and so nerve wracking that you are still looking! I'm sending positive house-buying vibes your way!!!!!!!!

  4. Solidarity sister. We close tomorrow (we were supposed to close in January but it got pushed back THREE times, and we had to contact lawyers and MAN what a headache) and I'm so excited to get back to normal life and have my house. Hope you guys fine one and sell yours on a good timeline!!!


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