Happy Valentines Day, loves! I hope you're spending this day with someone special, whether it's your man, your mom, your pup - just whoever it is that you love.

I have to be honest with you…I've never been a huge Valentines Day fan. It seems just a touch ridiculous to go over-the-top with looove one day of the year. But it is nice to have a good reason to get dressed and go out to dinner and maybe get some flowers or chocolate covered strawberries….maybe? I guess we'll see if A has any tricks up his sleeve, won't we?

This year I get to celebrate with not only my hunky husband and my sweet little pup, but with my precious little man who will be enjoying his very first V-day ever!

So Happy V-Day once more…hope it's a great one. And if you're anti-Valentine's Day, then Happy Friday!!! Pretty sure that's worth celebrating, too.


  1. What a sweet picture! As my kids have grown older, Valentines Day has turned into more of a celebration around here. I was just talking about celebrating with the kids on my blog today too.
    Be Well!

  2. I was a bit Vday also...but I also think if I get spoiled..I won't complain, but I will if he buys me flowers (way tooo expensive) and now a card (if you read my post today)! I think ANY holiday with a lil' one now is just the best!!!


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