Style Inspired - Zoe Saldana

So I've noticed that the people with the style that I like the most, I don't seem to know a whole heck of a lot about. Maybe because I'm getting old and out of the loop on who's cool and all that. Anyway, I can think of a few movies that I've seen Zoe Saldana in, and I've always thought she was gorgeous. And the girl's got style. The kind of cute and casual style that I just love to love. And she's also got very slim, toned legs that I would kill for…legs like hers just look so good in pants.

Plus, didn't she date Bradley Cooper? I'm thinking I have a love/hate relationship with this girl...

See? Love. I fully intend on copying - ahem - taking inspiration from several of the above outfits since I have similar pieces in my current wardrobe. That's the kind of style mama likes…the kind she can create with the stuff she's got in her closet. 

Don't you guys just love it when I refer to myself as mama and type in third person? I do.

Not really, it was kind of weird, so don't expect that to stick. So yeah, any Zoe fans out there??

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  1. She looks amazing but she has the height and those dang legs!


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