20 Weeks

Well, I've made it to the half way point of my pregnancy....so far, I really can't complain! But I have a feeling the next 20 or so weeks will be a bit more of a challenge. It seems like in the last couple of days my stomach has doubled in size, and I'm seeing some changes in more areas than just my tummy. Not loving that.

Realizing that you have absolutely no control over what's going on with your body is really something to experience. I think it's affecting me more psychologically than what I realized. I've started having dreams that I'm in my early 20's, in the best shape of my life, and guys are just flocking around me. Then I wake up, 10 pounds heavier than I've ever been with a growing belly and a husband who swears he still finds me incredibly attractive (but I'm not so sure). It's definitely a bit of a challenge to come to terms with emotionally....maybe I'm a little more superficial than I thought?

But on the other hand, the fact that I'm growing bigger means that so is Baby A! I swear, ever since we saw him moving around on that sonogram two weeks ago I have been so anxious to meet him. Also, I'm feeling him move around every once in awhile, which I must say is the absolute coolest experience of my life thus far. Feeling those teeny little kicks is something that I can't even describe. I just love knowing that he's happy and healthy in there. Every day I get a little more excited!

I really wish I would have worn a different sweater in my photo this weekend....my bump is much bigger now than what it appears to be in this pic!

Due Date
May 1, 2013

This Week Baby A...
Weighs about 10 1/2 ounces and is the length of a banana. He also might have an established sleep pattern...and even a favorite sleeping position! How adorable is that?

Oh, the random aches and pains. This week it's my tailbone, which hurts so bad sitting at my desk all day is torture, and strange pains in the backs of my legs. I've also picked up a bit of a pregnant lady walk I've noticed...shoulders way back and a wider stride. Guess I'm accounting for the extra weight up front. And OMG indigestion. Ugh. I thought I might get to avoid this one, but it has come on strong in the past couple of weeks. I haaaaate it. So much.

Weight Gain
According to my mom's scales, I've gained 10 pounds total. I really hope that isn't accurate, because two weeks ago at the doctor I had only gained six I think. Four pounds in less than two weeks is not exactly ideal. Ahh!

Baby Boy! Still so excited to finally know.

Food Cravings/Aversions
Hmm. This week I've wanted pizza (always), these little potato and cheese bite things from a convenience store in my hometown which were called munchers (living four hours away makes that one impossible to get), sour candy, and cold drinks. I've been super thirsty lately. 
Finally started feeling them for sure on Friday night. It's been pretty consistent since then...so amazing!!!

Not great. My body is just so achy that I can't really get comfortable, plus my indigestion gets super bad at night. Some nights are pretty good, some are not so great. Hit or miss.

What I Miss
I feel like I'm adjusting better now. I'm not terribly sad about missing anything this week (other than a skinny body). I think the excitement is outweighing anything else.

Daddy's Thoughts
A direct quote "It's very exciting....because of the kicks." Doesn't sound like much, but it was said in a very cute voice ;)

Fun Moments
Feeling the kicks, duh! I wonder if I'll ever get used to it, or if I'll be this excited the entire time. 

Looking Forward To...
The next 20 weeks flying by! I'm getting so super excited to meet this little guy, and I know May will be here before I know it.


  1. :) I'm so excited for my distinct kicks. You really do look great friend! I know what you mean about missing your body, I'm having a hard time getting over that too. Hopefully we'll get it back soon after our little guys are here!

  2. Girl you look fantastic! Hopefully the next 20 weeks will fly by :)

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your lil bump!!


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