A's Birthday Celebration

This weekend we got to celebrate A's 27th birthday (yep, he's just a young pup and I'm a cougar). Since his birthday falls right in between Christmas and New Years Eve, he's one of those unfortunate people who doesn't get a ton of b-day attention. So this year we decided to have some people over to the house since his actual birthday fell on Saturday. It was pretty low-key, but I think he had a good time. It's hilarious how different our parties are these days. Everyone was gone and A was sleeping on the couch by 11 pm. Just a couple of years ago we wouldn't even get started until 10 or 11...my, how things have changed.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is what it will be like when the baby gets here. Not like, in our every day lives, but in situations like the party we had. None of A's friends have kids, so our baby will be the first one to come into the group. I can't even imagine how hilarious it will be to see all of these guys with a baby around. When I met them all about four years ago the last thing on earth I would have been able to fathom was letting them anywhere near a child I would have one day...now, I'm really looking forward to it. They actually seem to be pretty into the idea of the little guy being around. Two of them even bought the baby an adorable little Dallas Cowboys blanket...if you knew these guys, you would know how out of this world crazy that is. So it should be interesting, to say the least.

On Sunday we slept in (because of our crazy late night) and then went out to find a dresser for the baby's room. I couldn't believe it, but we actually found one that was perfect for the space we have right away at IKEA. I thought we would be searching for weeks but somehow we got lucky! I also picked up curtains for the nursery as well. After that we went to Target to look for curtain rods and ended up finding a bookshelf instead. So now all we're lacking is a glider or rocker of some sort, curtain rods, and some decor. Stuff's gettin' real around here people!

As you can see Addie wasn't too pumped about what was going on. I'm not sure if it's because she knew none of the new stuff was for her, or because she kept getting in trouble for stealing the screws dad was using to put the dresser together. Either way, she was a little on the sad side for awhile.

I think I've decided to hold off on any "real" nursery pictures until we get most of it put together. I know I've done some random ones here and there, but I'd like to do a big reveal. Not that it will be anything too extravagant...it will just be more fun that way I think!

And before I go, Happy New Year!!!!! I can't believe 2012 is over. Man, has this year flown by! I can't wait to see what all the new year will bring. So if you're going out and celebrating big, be safe! And if you're staying home in your sweatpants like I will be, I hope you can stay up at least long enough to see the ball drop...that's my big goal for the night ;) See ya next year!


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