What's in a Name?

Baby naming is tough, y'all. Arsen and I have talked and talked about what to name this little one, and I thought we had it nailed down whether it turned out to be a boy or a girl. Well, now that we know for sure that it's a little man in there, we aren't 100%.

Naming a human is kind of a big deal. What if they hate their name? What if they get made fun of? I personally think all of the names I've come up with are pretty awesome, but I'm sure every parent in the world has thought that about their baby name of choice...and there are some seriously horrendous names out there.

Every single name that I suggest, Arsen immediately does the playground thing and figures out how kids will turn it into something bad. I get that we need to be careful, I do. But you can seriously find something mean to do with just about any name out there. I myself was known as "Celester Molester" for a large portion of my time in junior high. I'm not scarred by that. I actually think it's pretty funny. I mean, in a junior high sort of way. It was probably made easier by the fact that the people who called me that the most were cute boys that I was pretty sure were actually flirting with me, but maybe I was wrong. And I'm pretty sure Arsen has dealt with fire jokes his entire life...when he introduces himself to people, the majority of the time the first thing they say is "Arson? You mean, like the fire?". But he seems pretty well adjusted. So this isn't a big concern of mine.

I guess it will just come down to what feels right. I'm pretty happy with our first choice, but I want daddy to feel the same. So for now he will just be known as Baby A, or Baby Boy, and that's that.

BTW, I'm pretty sure I may have felt my first little kicks right before I started writing this...ahhhh!!! I'm not sure that's what it was, but I know it's technically time that I could/should start feeling him, and I really don't know what else it could have been. So in my mind, he just gave me a few love taps to say hello. Yay!


  1. Ahhhh first kicks!! :) I think a name is definitely somewhat important but it will come down to what feels right at the time. I've known people to say they just know when they look at the baby, so who knows, maybe it'll change when the little guy arrives? :)

  2. Gah! We are having the hardest time settling up with a name. Cody is doing the same thing with teasing nicknames that the baby could possibly have later down the road. I mean to give Baby No-Name Austin a name :)


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