It's a BOY!!!

I cannot believe it, but Arsen and I are going to have a little boy! I am absolutely overjoyed and already head over heels in love with this teeny tiny baby boy.

I mean, look at that nose! And those itty bitty lips! Ahhhh....I just can't even explain how amazing it was to see him in there. Unbelievable. It just seems really, really real now. And I can't wait for May. Now that I've blurted out the big news, let me walk you through how our day went.

Like I mentioned in my last update, I decided to take the entire day Thursday off work. I knew once I found out I wouldn't be able to go back to work and focus on anything but baby stuff, so I just went ahead and planned for it. And I am so super glad I did.

Before our appointment, my dad drove down from Oklahoma and met up with me and my mom at our house. I was surprised that he decided to come down, but I'm so glad he did. I think it was a cool experience for him to be a part of. So once Arsen got home, we all headed to the doctors office. Arsen's mom was going to be meeting us there, and I had made a comment to my mom that I felt a little ridiculous having such a big group go with us. My dad said he would wait outside so there wouldn't be five of us in there, but I felt bad having him miss out. I decided to just play it by ear.

When we got to the office, Arsen waited downstairs to meet his mom while my parents and I went on up. We walked in to the office, I checked in, and went to sit down. I was by a window where I could see Arsen, and I remember saying something to my dad about something he was doing down there. I asked my mom if she wanted to sit down by me, and she said no. She was walking around the waiting room, but I didn't think anything about it. Then I heard a little giggle from the other corner of the room. I glanced over there....and saw my two best friends Rachel and Alyssa sitting there. I was absolutely, positively SHOCKED. I jumped up and went over to give them both a big hug, and honestly had a hard time holding back tears. They drove all the way from Tulsa to be there with me....a four hour drive! They got up at 4 am to make it. That's love right there.

So after making a big huge scene in the waiting room, I finally got called back. The sonogram tech was so incredibly nice, and told everyone they could come back with me. So all in all, there were seven of us in the room. It was so much fun, and I'm so glad they were cool enough to let the big huge group of us go back. She did all the measurements to make sure the baby is developing at the right rate and everything, and showed us the little beating heart and pointed out what everything was. Then finally she said "Are you ready?". She then showed us each of the tiny little legs and then said something along the lines of "See that right there?"....and it was definitely a boy! Such an incredible moment, and I'm so glad I shared it with so many people I love.

Since then, I've just been absolutely, positively happy. I would have been perfectly content with either, but I must say I am super excited to have a little boy. They just love their mamas so much, and I can't wait to have a little tiny version of Arsen running around. I know Arsen felt the same and would have been overjoyed about a girl, but I think there's something that makes a man feel extra manly when they're having a boy.

Obviously I immediately went shopping, and I haven't really stopped. I haven't gone overboard, but I have bought a few things.

Ahhhhh PRECIOUS! Am I right? Nana Vicki (my mom) had to hold Addie back from climbing all over everything while I was taking pictures...she just has to be right in the middle of everything at all times :) I think she definitely has an idea that something different is going on. I've heard people say that pets seem to have a sort of sixth sense about things, and I think they're right. She's been a little more cuddly and clingy to me lately....and she's also gone and left a little present in the babies room a few times, if you catch my drift. I think she's either showing her disapproval of the baby, or claiming her territory. Either way, hopefully she'll adjust well when he arrives.

Also, today we went to pick up the crib! We got incredibly lucky, and someone at work was getting rid of their crib. It's a cute, white Pottery Barn crib, and we just couldn't turn it down. I wanted white anyway, and it's in great condition. Arsen got it all set up tonight, and it looks great!

Things are getting more and more real every day...before we know it he'll be here with us. So crazy! I started my registry this weekend, and I must say that was a bit overwhelming. Babies apparently need a bajillion things, and there are so many different options in each and every one of them. I think it's time for some serious research for this mama-to-be. Anybody have any suggestions for must have baby items or things to avoid? I need all the help I can get!


  1. OH MY GRACIOUS.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm so incredibly excited for y'all to be having a BOY!!! Being a boy momma is amazing!!! Can't wait to see you and your belly in person. Soon. :) xoxoxo

  2. Congratulations! Baby boys are so much fun!

  3. I had my little boy Jack a month ago so I have a few suggestions. First let me say congratulations!
    1. So many people told me not to buy a wipe warmer so I didn't BUT I wish I had because those wipes are cold and make him fuss every diaper change and when it is the middle of the night you don't want them to get too excited because it makes it difficult for him to settle back down. I do see how they can't be used on the go and so many people say they are a waste. Also, the cold on their business makes them pee and when you are in the middle of a diaper change you don't want pee going everywhere.
    2. The Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper is great. It makes them feel snug and you can put it by the bed AND it folds nicely for nights away.
    3. Sound machine. I use an app on my phone but some use the machines and I will use one once I move him to his nursery. Jack loves the rain sound.
    4. Go ahead and buy gripe water and gas drops. These will be life savers.
    These are some things I have learned from my experience. Congrats again!

  4. So excited that we're having boys together :) I have a feeling we're in for some major fun with these little guys. Score on the crib! I've been looking at that exact same one and I'm totally going white nursery too.

  5. Congrats! So happy for you! Doesn't the big U/S and finding out the gender make it so much more real? It just makes you fall into the deepest love to see that little person growing inside of you. And he's already SO cute! You are going to love your little momma's boy so much. I know I love mine! :-)

  6. I am so behind on blogs but I am SO EXCITED to catch up on yours!!! CONGRATULATIONS lady! I am tearing up reading this, so incredible you got to have all your favorite people with you!

  7. Yay a boy!!! And that picture of Addie makes me laugh so much. :)

  8. Congratulations on finding out you are having a boy!! I dream of having a boy too one day. My husband really wants a girl but we shall see. :)

    I just love those little shirts and shoes! Cute!


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