Oh, The Possibilities

When Arsen, Grayson and I were out and about the other day, I was sitting in the backseat by Grayson having a little conversation with him that got me thinking. He was smiling this cute little sideways grin at me, and I started telling him he was so handsome and smart that he could do anything in this world that he wanted to do when he gets big. But I also warned him that he better not use that little grin to his advantage in unfair ways....I can think of a few boys from my junior high days that had a very similar little smirk that made me weak in the knees. So not fair for the girls of the world.

I started saying "Who will you be, little man? What will you want to do? Will you be sporty? Will you like dinosaurs? Firetrucks?". It's crazy because he's this tiny baby, but before we know it he will be this little boy with interests and hobbies and likes and dislikes just like anyone else. The more I get to know his personality, the more excited I am to see who he becomes.

What we do know about him so far is that he's a very serious, studious baby. Since the day he was born practically he has been studying everything that he sees oh-so intently. Everyone that meets him comments on how serious he is, and he really seems to be taking everything in and forming his thoughts. Never in my life did I imagine that I would have a baby like that...Arsen and I neither one are all that serious.

He also is a determined little guy, but quite impatient. If he's trying to figure something out and can't quite get it he grunts and groans and his little arms shake in frustration. His current hang up is trying to pick up his pacifier and get it into his mouth the right way. He always seems to put the back part or the side in, and he just gets so mad that he can't get the right part in there. Poor guy. He also is ready to get up and go. He wants to skip crawling and go straight to walking. He pulls up to standing any chance he gets, and I can't force him to sit down if he doesn't want to. Slow down, little baby!

He's very loud, and as I've always said, very "passionate". It's not always bad loudness, he's just a loud baby in general. Whenever we go shopping he "talks", and he does it as loud as he possibly can...like, practically screaming. I used to be so embarrassed for parents with loud children because I thought it was humiliating...now that it's my child, I typically just think it's hilarious and cute (I'm sure not everyone agrees with me, judging by some of the dirty looks I get). He babbles to me constantly, and his sweet little facial expressions make it seem like he's really telling me a story. He'll go from serious with a furrowed brow, to raising his eyebrows and talking in a higher more excited voice, to smiling and squealing as he chats with me.

He also has started "singing" himself to sleep in the car. He'll babble in a sweet, soft little high pitched voice until he nods off finally. I like to think that this means he'll be musical, since I've always said I want him to be in a band. Like, be a rockstar lead singer in a band. This is why his nursery is monkeys playing guitars ;)

Being a mama is just so fun..seriously, I just can't get over how amazing it is to watch this little personality develop. Even though I have no idea what this boy will be, I do know that I will be proud to be his mama no matter what.

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