28 Weeks

Pretty sure I shouldn't have been so cocky about my "easy pregnancy" a few weeks ago. It's not awful...but it's certainly no walk in the park these days. This third trimester thing is not the best. I am exhausted, but yet I can't sleep. I'm starving, yet I get full after a few bites of food...and then I'm starving again an hour or two later. I'm realizing how much I have to get done before little man arrives, yet I have no energy to accomplish much. I'm getting bigger and bigger and am determined to keep my weight in check, yet the thought of doing anything remotely active makes me want to cry. So yes, I definitely had a not-so-awful first trimester (although that constant queasiness wasn't great), and a pretty phenomenal second trimester, but I think I might just be making up for it now. 

End rant. 

On to the update.

 Addie either has demon eyes or looks like she's sleeping...can't win with this child.

I look like I'm about to pass out and mom looks super awake. Not really on the same page.

Due Date
May 1, 2013
This Week Baby A...
is the size of a Chinese cabbage. This is only notable for me because I have no idea what that is, so I thought it was completely random. He's almost 2 1/2 pounds and around 16 inches, which is insane. He's also blinking, coughing, and sucking. What a talented little guy he is these days!
Sigh. Everything I covered above, plus painful hips, painful lower back, pain in my sciatic nerve, hands and arms tingling and falling asleep, swollen feet, and a general feeling of hugeness. Womp womp.
Weight Gain
Well, the past month has not been so kind to me. Seems that my ice cream, cereal, mac and cheese, thai tea, etc. habit has turned into a bit of noticeable weight gain. I'm right around 20 pounds total, so I think I can kiss my dream of 25 pounds total goodbye. I even got a bit of a raised eyebrow from my doctor when she saw how much I'd gained since my last visit.
Baby Boy
Food Cravings/Aversions
Still with the yummy cold drinks. Thankfully that includes water these days, so I'm definitely staying hydrated. And other than that it's completely random. Some days I want Mexican food, some days I want a burger, some days it's pizza....but it's never, ever anything healthy, I can promise you that. 
He's one active little boy these days! I keep telling Arsen I think he's trying to break out. Sometimes the movements are so insanely powerful I can't believe it. Arsen got to feel some of them last night and he said it gave him a greater appreciation for what I'm going through...I personally really enjoy every little kick, flip and punch that I feel, but I'll take all the sympathy I can get ;)
Seems to be getting worse all the time. I guess all of the fun symptoms above don't really allow for a great nights slumber.
Daddy's Thoughts
I can tell the reality is starting to kick in for him too. It's like the bigger I get the more we realize there's actually another human being who will be joining us very shortly. He's definitely excited...still getting lots and lots of "I can't wait to meet him!" comments. So cute.
Fun Moments
Hearing the heartbeat at the doctor is always fun, even though I'm not as panicky now that I feel him all the time. Feeling the crazy intense kicks the past couple of weeks has really been fun for me. It was also nice to hear that all of my labs came back perfect and I don't have Gestational Diabetes....my mom had them when she was pregnant with me so in the back of my head I was a bit concerned. And I bought a few little crafty projects for the nursery, so working on those has been fun!
Looking Forward To... 
May 1st, or whatever day he makes his arrival. I'm excited for my showers and the maternity photos and everything, but I'm getting super antsy to meet him! Looking at his newborn clothes and folding his little blankets makes me practically giddy with anticipation. Can't wait!


  1. You look so adorable!!! Mac & cheese is my fav right now also...and I don't ever want anything healthy either! Just doesn't sound good...but a basket of fries with cheese on them sounds amazing :)

  2. You look great! I craved salad all the time-not the healthy salad-the yummy salad from Texas Roadhouse with the buttery rolls.
    Last night my mom kept Jack. My husband and I had never been so quiet in all our lives. It was so nice that it was so quiet that neither of us wanted to ruin it. I love jack to pieces but he sure does make a lot of noice.

  3. i saw your post on twitter that erin did your new design and i just love her so i decided to check it out!

    congrats on your baby boy, you look absolutely adorable! where do you find such cute maternity clothes?


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