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Nothing too important going on in my neck of the woods (Is that a super-redneck phrase, or does everyone say it?), but a couple of random things worth mentioning I suppose.

First of all, I had the craziest experience last that I'm sure just about any mother can relate to. I woke up around 3:30 for my third (!) bathroom break of the night. When I laid back down I felt the baby kicking...or so I thought. I quickly realized something strange was going on. It was like he was repeatedly kicking me lightly over and over, every couple of seconds. After laying there for a few minutes with my hand on my belly observing what was going on I decided that this must be the hiccups I've been hearing about. I also decided I wanted Arsen to experience it with me. So I whispered "Arsen", super quiet. I was kind of hoping he was already awake from my groaning and moaning when I heaved myself out of bed to go to the bathroom. When he didn't respond I whispered a bit louder. Nothing. So then I decided screw it, I'm wide awake and want someone else to share this with me, so I just woke him up.

We laid there for quite awhile feeling his little hiccups, and it was so cute. And kind of sad. I felt bad for the poor little guy that he couldn't help himself. And then it just got to be almost annoying. Arsen fell back asleep and I continued to feel these little hiccups for the next thirty minutes or so. Then he decided he either wasn't comfy or was bored, and when the hiccups stopped he starting rolling around, kicking, nudging, doing everything in the world but sleep. Finally around 4:45 or so I was able to fall back asleep. Needless to say although it was a fun little experience, I'm hoping it's not one we repeat anytime soon.

Oh also...our 3D ultrasound was a complete bust. Womp womp. Baby A decided it would be fun to keep his hands in front of his face the entire time. They even had me go out to the waiting room and chug some coffee, then come back in about 20 minutes later to try again. Nope, not having it. Arsen's opinion is that he wants to make a grand entrance into the world in a couple of months...which wouldn't surprise me. If he's anything like his father he will be a bit of an attention whore (love you babe). I was definitely disappointed, but what can you do? They said I'm so far along that trying again probably wouldn't do much good...he's so cramped in there he just doesn't really have the room to stretch out. So I'm making a mental note for Baby #2 to schedule this thing around 28 weeks ;)

Another fun thing is that we have our maternity photos next Tuesday. I originally had them scheduled for the end of March...then I hit about 7 months and my stomach grew to twice it's size overnight and I decided by March 24th I would probably be feeling not so cute. So we moved them up by a few weeks, and oh my Lord am I glad we did. I feel like I get bigger and bigger every day, and when I woke up this morning I had that lovely swollen pregnancy face thing going on....I'm hoping that doesn't stick around as a permanent thing anytime soon. So I'm trying to figure out some cute ideas for props and poses that I want to include. I adore our photographer, she did our engagement and wedding photos, as well as my bridals, so I know she'll be great, but I still want to add some personal touches. The unfortunate thing is that I've left it until tonight to really think about, and I'll be out of town all it's going to be a last minute kind of thing. Ah well.

Speaking of being out of town, Saturday morning we're heading to Tulsa so I can meet up with the group of girls I hung out with in high school for a little unofficial 10 year reunion. Some of these girls I haven't seen in probably 8 or 9 years, so I'm super excited to meet up. They also are calling it a mini-baby shower for me, which for some reason is really embarrassing me. I'm literally one of the last people to have a baby in our class, and I didn't attend a shower for most of these it's just making me feel a little awkward. My best friend Rachel, who organized it, thinks I'm being ridiculous but I can't help it. I don't want anyone to think I think my pregnancy is more important somehow. But I can't wait to see everyone and catch up! I cannot believe it has actually been almost 10 years since I graduated....time seriously has flown by.

And that's about it really. I'm about to head to bed and hopefully get a good nights sleep after last night craziness. I was actually home sick from work yesterday so I know I need to rest up so I can get over whatever little bug I'm fighting. The good news is somehow miraculously I have a clear calendar at work for the next two days so I'll be working from home...which means I can lounge around in sweats and keep my feet up and cuddle with my lazy dog. Ahhh perfection.

Addie enjoying my sick day yesterday. This is what we plan on doing for the next two days....

If I'm not back before the weekend I hope everyone has a fabulous one. I know I plan on it!

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  1. Augh! Our 3D was a bust too!! Our Baby A decided to keep his hands/feet all around his face and we could barely get a glimpse of him. I was so sad :( Have fun with your friends this weekend!


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