30 Weeks

I feel like we're in the final countdown now. Only 10 weeks to go! Unbelievable. 

I feel like I've been pregnant for so long that it's no wonder it's almost go-time, but at the same time I kind of have a feeling like it shouldn't really be happening yet. When I think about how quickly the past two months have flown by it really makes me realize how soon he'll be here. And I can't wait!!!

Look at that belly! Goodness.

Due Date
May 1, 2013
This Week Baby A...
is the size of a head of lettuce! So big! He's over 15 inches long and around 3 pounds. His eyesight is continuing to develop, although it won't be that great even when he's born (babies eyesight at birth is somewhere around 20/400). And he is definitely moving in there! It's so crazy to see him moving on the outside. 
The tiredness is probably the most annoying thing just because I'm not great at resting. So I'm continuously wearing myself out and then being forced to recharge. Today Arsen made me relax for the entire day...although I still found a way to do the laundry, change our sheets and do the dishes :) Other than that it's more of the same aches and pains...and a big ole' belly that's starting to get in the way of everything.
Weight Gain
23 pounds....big improvement over the last few weeks. If I can keep it around 1-2 pounds a week I should be ok...we shall see!
Baby Boy :)
Food Cravings/Aversions
Still mainly drinks...hot or cold, I'm loving tea, hot chocolate, water, coke, etc. Man oh man do I love me some Thai Tea with bubbles right now. Delightful. As far as actual food it's still random. The thing I'm craving and indulging in the most is grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potatoes fries from the cafeteria at work. So bad, yet soooo good. 
Punching, kicking, rolling, flipping...he's doing it all in there. Sometimes I just sit and watch my belly moving around and am completely amazed. This might be the main thing about pregnancy that I miss after it's over. By far the coolest thing I've ever experienced. 
Eh, same story as every other week. Can't stay comfy so I can't stay asleep. But I'm pretty sure I'm getting better sleep now than what I will be getting in a couple of months so I'm trying not to complain too much :)
Daddy's Thoughts
Ready ready ready....this never changes either. He is finally starting to embrace my insane planning ahead now that we're getting closer. He's definitely been super helpful lately when it comes to all the many projects I've been throwing his way. I sent him an email of our "to-do" list last week and it had 46 items on it...but rather than panic or act like I was crazy he's been helping me tackle it one by one. What a great hubby I've got, am I right?
Fun Moments
We had another check up this past Thursday...I'm going every two weeks now. It's always fun to hear his little heartbeat and get confirmation that he's doing just fine. We also got quite a bit more done in the nursery: we added another rack for clothes to the closet and added some shelves. I painted a few little things to set around like some baskets to keep his things in and a little guitar to hang on the wall. 
Looking Forward To... 
Our 3/4D ultrasound in the morning! This is something I've been fighting for for months now. Arsen sees no point in having one done and thinks it's a huge waste of money, but I just really really wanted to do it. Finally last week he called and made an appointment for us...we were cutting it close since they only do them up to 32 weeks, but we made it! I'm sure I'll be posting pics soon :)


  1. Only 10 more weeks! I can't believe it. I've been reading your blog since you announced you were expecting. I can't wait to see the pics from the ultrasound. I hope he cooperates. Jack didn't at first. Those pictures were my favorite.

  2. You look so adorable! Can't wait to see the 3/4D pictures!!

  3. You are the cutest pregnant woman on earth! I have loved catching up on your pregnancy pics!

  4. Haha my hubby would die if I sent him a list of 46 items! Really, probably anything over 7 (lol). The 3D ultrasound was SO cool. We ended up trying like 3x because baby girl would never show her face, but it was so sweet to see.


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