A Busy Weekend in Oklahoma

We went to Oklahoma last weekend to visit family and go to a wedding of a college friend of Arsen's. I'd been looking forward to this trip for quite awhile now, simply because I always like getting away for a few days. We were planning on staying with my Guncles in Norman, which is always fun, and I knew the wedding would be a good time as well.

Well...I forget how different things can be with a baby on board. Arsen took Friday off, so my goal was to leave town by about 10 or so to get to my dad's pretty early to visit with him for a few hours. After finishing up packing, giving Grayson a bath, getting myself ready, etc., we ended up leaving right around noon.

After a few hours at my dad's we left for Norman. We unpacked, got Addie situated, I fed Grayson, got him ready for bed, changed clothes, and were finally ready to meet my mom and uncles at dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant that was loud and bright. So incredibly bright. It was like sitting outside in the middle of the day at 9 pm. Needless to say my hopes of Grayson sleeping through dinner did not pan out. So after dinner we headed home and I tried to get Grayson to sleep. For like an hour. He just wasn't having it. Everyone else sat out by the pool and had a few drinks until around midnight, and I laid down with G and ended up falling asleep.

Saturday was my mom's birthday, and a pretty fun day. I was running around like crazy, trying to find a jacket to wear with the dress I packed since Oklahoma decided to realize it was fall that day, buying a wedding gift, buying a clutch since I forgot to pack one, going to lunch with mom for her birthday, etc., etc.. Busy busy, but fun!

That night was the wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous. The bride's family has a home outside of Oklahoma City where they apparently have a ton of land, and they had the wedding outside. They had a large building that was beautiful that the reception took place in. The rumor around the wedding was that they had it built specifically for the wedding. It was pretty incredible.

Several couples that we are friends with were also at the wedding, so it was a lot of fun. It was really the first time I've been "out" since Grayson was born, and since I knew he was in good hands with my mom, I decided to relax and let myself have a few drinks and have a good time.

Well....I ended up regretting that decision. When we got back to my uncles place around midnight, Grayson was still awake. Apparently he just couldn't rest until I was home. So I had the pleasure of rocking a baby to sleep, off and on, until 3 AM. He just couldn't stay asleep for some reason. Let me tell you, after an evening of drinking that was not easy. I was soooo tired.

So all in all, I chalk this weekend up to a lesson for me. The days of relaxing by the pool with drinks and going out with friends for a night out on the town are long gone for this little mama. At least for awhile. I've gotten my wish of having a mama's boy, and he needs me, and only me, when it comes time for bed. Be careful what you wish for, am I right?

But as frustrating as the weekend may have been, I really wouldn't have it any other way. I love that he is most comfortable in my arms. At 3 in the morning I might wish that someone else could take over for a bit, but knowing that he needs me is pretty amazing.

But it may be awhile before I'm ready for another trip :)

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  1. I understand the feeling of realizing that things will never be the same. The only way to have a few drinks is to have the baby gone for the night which will be awhile. It's a good thing those babies are so darn cute!


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