So. Much. STUFF.

We've had a very interesting last couple of weeks around our household.  Arsen came to me a few weeks ago and said he thought that maybe we should sell our house. We talked about it and decided that it was probably a good idea. The town we live in is kind of booming right now, so basically if we sold our house now we could probably sell it for a lot more than what we bought it for two years ago. So I got to work immediately.

I started cleaning out every inch of our house, redecorating to make things less personal and more simplistic (like I've learned from HGTV, of course), packing unnecessary things in tubs, having a yard sale, etc., etc. I was busy all day every day trying to get the house ready to list.

Last weekend we went to look at some homes and get an idea of where we wanted to be. After an afternoon of looking and talking about everything...we decided not to move right now.

The smart decision for our family is to stay put, keep adding to our savings, pay off the debt that we do have, and then reevaluate in a year or two. At first I was a bit disappointed, because who doesn't want a new house? But honestly, I feel relieved. It would have been fun and exciting, but I think this makes more sense for us right now. And I really do love our home. So of course I'm happy to stay.

But I have so much crap to deal with. Before, it was all packed away in closets and I didn't have to think about it. Now, it's all in tubs that need to be unpacked and put away. And I don't wanna.

It is making me think, however, that we just have so much stuff that we don't really need. When I was cleaning out my closet I was able to get rid of so many things. Tops, pants, shoes, scarves, purses, bags....why do I hold on to this stuff that I never use? Going through everything that I just really don't need makes me think, why don't we live a simpler life?

I'm not going to make any grand proclamations here, but I really would love to cut back on all the excess. I feel like now that our house is a bit emptier, it's so much more pleasant to live in. So cutting back...that's my plan. Let's see how it goes?


  1. Such a great idea. I totally need to spend a weekend getting rid if crap. I've been craving a simpler life, too.

  2. I try to donate a box a month. It's become a little game to fill the box up.

  3. I felt the same way when we moved over the summer. I purged & purged... but we still have a ton of stuff everywhere! I'd like to blame it on my husband & daughter but I'm pretty sure 80% of it is mine!


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