Happy Birthday Mom/Nana!!!

Today is my lovely mother's birthday. I'm one of the lucky people in this world who can honestly say that my mom is one of my very best friends. She has been there for me in a million ways, and I grew up knowing without a doubt that I was loved and cherished beyond anything I could have ever wished for.

My mom is one of the sweetest, most caring, most kind-hearted women I've ever known. She sees the good in people, even those who don't deserve it. She has been the best mom in the world in my almost 29 years on this earth. I can only hope that I can live up to the example she's shown me.

Seeing her with Grayson makes my heart feel so full. I love how much she loves him, and seeing how much he is growing to love her is precious. His eyes light up when he sees his Nana, and I'm so glad she's getting to be a part of his everyday life.

And then we have Nana and Addie...those two might just be best friends. I'm pretty sure she is Addie's very favorite person on earth. It's a pretty close competition between Nana and Dad. Mom welcomed Addie with open arms from the first day we brought her home, and I swear she loves her as much as any Nana out there loves a grandbaby.

So happy birthday to the best mom and Nana in the world! We all love you and are so happy to be celebrating with you this weekend!!!

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