Happy Birthday Baby Dog!

Today is my Addie Jane's birthday, and every year we celebrate with a homemade doggie cake and presents. Except last year. Last year I was three months pregnant and miserably sick, so she didn't get her cake. I felt like an awful dog mommy.

We don't know Addie's actual birthday, but October 3, 2009 is when we adopted her from the Oklahoma City shelter. We always have said that she must have been in her terrible twos when we got her, so this will be her 6th birthday according to our made up calculations. Not a young pup anymore. If I think about it I start to cry, so we'll just breeze by that part...

In our four years with her, Addie has brought us so much happiness. She has made us laugh uncontrollably when she does her "crazy dog", made us scream in frustration when she chews holes into the carpet, broke our hearts when she's been sick, and taught us what it means to be responsible for another life. She was the first challenge we had as a couple together, and was definitely the source of many of our first fights.

She is my first baby, and I love her with all of my heart. The last five months of her life have been tough on that sweet girl. She's been forced to share the love and devotion that was once all hers with this new baby that she isn't so sure about. She mopes around a lot, and still hasn't ever voluntarily had anything to do with Grayson. I'm hoping that eventually they become best friends...a girl can dream, right?

So tonight we will have puppy cake and ice cream, open presents and celebrate our furbaby. I hope in her little doggie heart somehow she understands how much she is truly adored.

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  1. She's so cute!! My dog Bronx has had a hard time since we had our baby 6.5 weeks ago... I have been trying to pay attention to him but it's so hard!


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