Happy Halloween, Y'all!

I have no idea why I felt like that title needed a y'all, but I did. I'm not one to use y'all in my every day vocabulary, so it's a mystery to me.


So it's Halloween! If you're anything like me, this holiday doesn't mean a whole lot to you. Now that I'm out of college, and Grayson is too young for Trick or Treating or whatever the kids are doing these days, there's not a whole lot of excitement for me when it comes to Halloween. No dressing up, and honestly...I'm not even handing out candy.

Yep, we're the grinches that turn our front porch light off so no one will come by. It's not that I don't want to hand out candy. I'd love nothing more than to see a bunch of adorable costumed children at my doorstep. But our psychotic dog makes it nearly impossible. She literally acts like someone is here to murder us all every single time the doorbell rings. If we were to hand out candy I'm pretty sure she might have a tiny doggie stroke before the night was over.

Before I was a non-fan of Halloween, I actually looooved it. When I was a kid it was my very favorite holiday. I'm an October baby, so every year for a few years I had a Halloween themed birthday party. I loved scary movies, and scaring my friends (weirdo), and my mom would go all out decorating the house  where it was super spooky for me. I also got all dressed up for Trick or Treating every year, and since I love all things sugar, I loved the whole idea of walking around town getting free candy. Somehow, the older you get it really loses it's appeal.

So tonight, all of you crazy kids (or parents of crazy kids) be safe out there. I'm going to curl up on my couch with the lights off, trying to make it appear as if no one is home. Happy Halloween!!!!

**Looking for photos for this post, I discovered Arsen and I have only dressed up twice in the five Halloweens we've been together. Shameful!


  1. Halloween is huge in our neighborhood! Can't wait. Great pics...

  2. I'm taking Turner trick or treating in his Halloween costume to our neighbors that we are friends with!!! I don't even want candy...just to show him off is all :)

  3. My daughter won't be home tonight so I'm turning off the porch light too! Hoping to curl up on the couch with a book.

  4. Jasper is too young to trick or treat and our dog also hates visitors. We are going to a Fall Festival at church instead.

  5. I haven't had a real Halloween in years. Working on the road and living in a hotel makes the holidays a drag. ;) So I'm there with you with the "turn the lights" out. ;)

  6. we had fun out tonight but it not the same like our childhood


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