Back to Reality

I can't believe it's already Monday! Weekends always go so fast. But I did thoroughly enjoy this weekend, even though we didn't go anywhere or do anything special really.

Friday we went to downtown Frisco and had dinner at Best Thai, which was quite delicious. After dinner we walked around for a bit and I took some photos. It really is a cute area, and they're adding more and more stuff all the time.

Saturday Addie had a playdate with my friend Laura's dog (actually, it's her parents dog who is visiting from overseas). Truffle was just the cutest little mini schnauzer, and she and Addie actually got along really well! They played and played, then would pass out for a few minutes, then get back up and act crazy, then pass back was pretty funny. Addie was exhausted for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day we didn't do much...just watched TV, had a few drinks and relaxed for the most part. Arsen grilled out and I made some rice and beans...we weren't planning it, but we had a pretty good Mexican dinner for Cinco de Mayo. It was delicious, but SO much food. I ate way too much. I made Arsen take a walk with me so I didn't feel completely disgusting for the rest of the night. Then I went to Michaels and bought some stuff and worked on a few little projects while we watched TV. Pretty much my perfect Saturday.

This is how she stares at us while we cook. Isn't she sad?

Sunday we finished out the weekend with a quick trip to see his parents, cleaning out the flower bed, and cleaning house. I deep cleaned our bathroom, which is my very least favorite thing to do, pretty much in the entire world. I was really angry the entire time I was doing it, just because I hate it so much. It was actually kind of funny after it was over. We talked about maybe having someone come in every month or so to do the down and dirty stuff, like scrubbing floors and baseboards and all of that. It's just so hard to get around to it when we're both working full time. We both agreed it might be well worth it so I don't want to murder everyone around me when I have to do it :)

So now it's back to the work week. I'm meeting up with friends from my last job on Wednesday for happy hour, so I'm super excited about that. Then on Saturday we're supposed to be having dinner with one of my favorite friends and her boyfriend. It makes the week so much more enjoyable when we have fun stuff to look forward to! Happy Monday people!

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